Let’s be real. Making a significant pivot mid-career to a brand new role or industry can be scary and overwhelming. But when you finally come to the realization that there *has to be* more to a career than simply experiencing misery or apathy, it can be the motivation you need to finally make the leap to do something completely different. So you’re ready to make the change…but how on earth do you even begin? Here are the top five things you need to get unstuck from your career plateau and pivot into a position where you can finally thrive.

1. Clarity around where you’re headed.

We’ve got to know what the destination is so we can implement the steps needed to actually make it happen. Start by asking yourself “What do I want my life to look like in 5 years? Where do I want to be living? What impact do I want to be having? What role do I see myself in?” and then work backwards from there. Then, ask yourself the exact same series questions about one year from now. This will help you see where you need to be in one year to get you to where you want to be in five years. This is your road map.

2. Healthy expectations.

Landing a job even in your own field and industry doesn’t typically happen overnight. And making a major pivot certainly can take even more time. It’s going to take intentionality and a lot of hard work. The energy and effort that you put into your job search will

3. To overcome any Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome is real. In fact, upwards of 70% of people report experiencing at some point in their career. And a primary time for it to rear its ugly head is during significant career transitions. All of a sudden we start to question “Can I do this?””Am I actually qualified?” or “Should I even bother applying?” Most of the time, the biggest obstacle we actually have to overcome in pivoting our careers…is ourselves!

4. Knowledge of the unique value that you bring to the table.

Insight into your strengths, your gifts, and your career story are invaluable when it comes to career pivots. At the end of the day, landing a new job is all about sales and being able to communicate your unique value and translate your previous experience into a new role and industry is key. Don’t know how to begin to do this? Start by writing a job search value proposition!

5. A new (and strategic) personal brand.

The truth is that when you pivot roles and industries, you have a whole new audience that you’re targeting. Knowing your audience and what they are looking for is incredibly important. Start by asking yourself “What problems are they trying to solve in this industry by hiring for this particular role? What goals are they trying to meet? What risks are they trying to manage?” By branding yourself as someone who can help them answer these questions, you are setting yourself up for success as a candidate- even without the traditional experience or background! When it comes to updating your personal brand, the best place to start is with LinkedIn and then your resume.

At the end of the day, career pivots take work, time, and intentionality- but they are absolutely possible. And, most importantly, they are oftentimes the answer to finally experiencing a thriving and impactful career!