Podcasting has become a very popular way of obtaining information. When Covid19 hit, technology started to take over almost every industry. In addition, with many people working from home, podcasts became a way for people to stay updated on the topics they are interested in without taking too much time of their day away from their priorities and responsibilities. One exciting topic in podcasting is women in leadership. Below, we will look at the top women in leadership podcasts as featured in an article on Feedspot.

This Woman Can

Set in the Caribbean, this is a weekly podcast hosted by Janice Sutherland. She features various interviews with other women who are inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. The episodes discuss personal stories of success, advancement, leadership, and maintaining a work-life balance. There are also countless tips that assist women in advancing in their leadership throughout their career and life as a whole.  

Rising Women Leaders

Hosted by Meredith Rom, this podcast is all about encouraging feminine leadership, self-love, and courage. She features many interviews fostering an idea of sisterhood with other women in leadership. They tell personal stories of breaking the barriers to overcome fear and trust your own intuition. Meredith wants women to find their voice and use it leading to the growth of their impact. 

She Leads Podcast: Leadership Empowerment for Women of Color

Beginning in 2018, this podcast has about nine episodes per quarter. The show contains multiple interviews with other female leaders who display countless success measures and live life without fear. The show also features many tips on the best practices for branching out into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and other life lessons for leadership.