We have all been there, wanting a little more control in our lives. In fact, many of our health problems result from a lack discipline in our actions, also known as a lack of self-control. So immediately we see, that employing a little more self-control may pay huge dividends in our total health and quality of life.

Physical Benefits of Self-Control

Practicing self-control in our portion sizes, frequency of meals, level of physical activity, and rest will prevent most people from gaining weight and developing medical problems like diabetes, elevated cholesterol, joint pain due to damage from excess weight, cardiovascular disease, skin problems, gastro-intestinal problems to name a few. Self-control may be required when we need to say no to the temptation of things that often provide pleasure, calms our anxiety, or eases our pain [spiritual, psychological, or physical]. This is important as it may prevent one from developing a habitual action that may predispose one to becoming addicted or developing an addiction.

You look better, you move better, you are fitter, healthier immune system, there is a healthy glow to your skin, improved sleep, and you have more energy.

Spiritual Benefits Of Self-Control

When we routinely spend time in our spiritual practice, we find it adds a sense of calm and we are more satisfied with our lives. That gnawing sense of emptiness, agitation, or dissatisfaction is often missing for those who have a full and healthy daily spiritual practice.

The spiritual life of course involves not only spending time with God, but it involves sharing or showing love to self and others. It is your total way of living, how you speak, think, and how you choose to act in every given situation. It involves recognizing the need for rest, stillness, or quiet time to allow for you to center yourself and be able to communicate with your God of worship. It’s manifested by humility, patience, and being unflappable. Finally, you develop a more intimate relationship with your God.

Psychological Benefits Of Self-Control

This is an area that many people may see more clearly where there is a need for self-control. When emotions are high, many people tend to act impulsively before thinking about the consequences. They often say or do something that may have far reaching consequences. It pops into their head and right out of their mouth [lack of impulse control]. It’s often said that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me.” However, that is a saying I tend to disagree with and many of you may feel or think the same.  Most physical pain tends to fade eventually; however, psychological pain may last a lifetime. Think about this for a minute or two, recall the last time you had a cut on your hand. Then think of the last time someone said something nasty to you. Notice which one you remembered.

Being able to apply self-control to the actions taken in our emotional state will allow us to make healthier decisions and ultimately will positively impact our total health and quality of life. Also, it will allow you to be more emotionally intelligent and resilient, which leads to a steady state joy, peace, and contentment. Finally, it boosts your confidence.

Financial Benefits Of Self-Control

The ability to say no to purchasing unnecessary things or sticking to your budget will go a long way to staying out of debt and being financially healthy. Minimizing your level of stress is a big benefit of self-control in your finances. A person who struggles with self-control in this area tends to spend money carelessly or recklessly, either consciously aware that they are going beyond their budget and running the risk of financial problems, or simply choosing not to pay any attention to their finances. They may also struggle with excessive gambling behaviors.

It takes self-control, discipline, to put money aside for a rainy day. It requires self-control to say no you do not need an expensive gadget when it does not fit into your budget. It takes discipline to forgo the extravagant treat in order to save for something more important in the future, like the purchase of a home or a much needed car. It takes self-control to simply say, “I cannot afford this right now.” Use self-control to improve your quality of life and your total health!