How the Journey of a small town engineer is a true inspiration for today’s young generation”

I was both fortunate and curious enough to interview Nitin Upadhyay, a small town engineer with big dreams and how did he get publish his first book without ever owning a laptop.

Tell me more about yourself Mr.Upadhyay?

I was born and brought up in a small town Raxaul in Bihar which borders India and Nepal. In my young days I use to figure out different innovations, methodologies, how does a machine works, practical approach of various things and their working and to find their answers i chose mechanical engineering as my core stream.

While pursuing your engineering how did you start to write?

Well as I reached to my third year of engineering I got interest towards writing you can say that it was a result of loneliness, frustration, distress and everyday following the same boring routine in a single bedded room near my college that is how I started to write whenever I use to get time from my academics and I use to enjoy that. And on a serious note I was very much aware that how writing bring changes to our society and it has strong impact indeed.

How did you get publish your book without having a single penny into your pocket and with no support?

Writing a book and getting it published again these two are very different stories. I saw a lot of ups and downs phases during this journey instead I kept myself motivated and never loose hope. I always had a story in my mind that I wanted it to pen but due to un-availability of different resources,proper guidance and less knowledge of publishing a book were my hurdles that didn’t allow me to make a move for it. Anyhow I overcome that and started to write each day, I did my job unaware from the fact that how I will get it published while completion. One day i met a professor in my college who was a great writer too guided me how to tackle different publishers and to convince them for your story and honestly this made my job half easy. I soon completed my story and forwarded to different publishers in India with my story and it’s synopsis and got it published.

You never owned a laptop and wrote your entire book on a broken phone…Is this true?

Yes this is very much true. I really laugh at those who say writing a book needs a good laptop needs a big budget, needs backing support etc… this is wrong! No it doesn’t, it needs dedication, it needs time, it needs passion, it needs interest, it needs devotion! I did it without having a big budget, I did it without owning a laptop and wrote my entire book on a BROKEN LAVA PHONE, I did it without having a support, I did it while also managing my engineering academics, i did it by overcoming my frustration and anger. If I can, then everybody else can.

How did you become a motivational speaker Mr.Upadhyay?

Due to my struggle journey and unique contribution to literature at a so young age with a unique storyline for my book I was invited by various colleges to deliver lectures. I have already given my speeches at IIT-MADRAS,Vit-Vellore, Ifeel-Lonavala, Cbit-Hyderabad,Anurag group of Institutions-Hyderabad etc.

I am also an Engineer, Researcher at IRJET Journal , a writer and Managing director at the walnut school of ideas. I am really looking forward to inspire more youth by my story that don’t ever loose hope and everything is possible in this world and the best is yet to come for you.

What message would you like to give to our young aspiring writers and young generation?

No matter from where you are, no matter from which un-developed town you are, no matter what are the un-available resources you have ,No matter how busy you are, no matter you have a big budget or not so stop making these different irrelevant and nonsense excuses and rather start working hard for your plans.

In my knowledge in today’s world everyone is access to everything through social media and it’s search engines. Never loose hope on yourself, keep trying, have faith in yourself and believe me the best is yet to come for you the only thing you have to just do your job honestly and sincerely.

Can you tell us more about your book?

From Patliputra to Madgaon is a story of a young adult who finds his love on social media. It is not a normal type of book which is normally written in India with average love story. It has lessons for our young youth. This book gets into a complicated world of love, trying to define relationship with the new certainty of change in the 21th century.

This book brings love, lust, heartbreak, distress, imaginations, frustration, an online bride, a marriage, a forever alone honeymoon, a divorce under a humorous situation. This book is a humorous tale of relationship and globalization in the modern era. I really want this book to do well and reach to the maximum world readers. It has a bunch of amazing characters and an engaging story with a lot of lessons to our young youth which will change their perception about everything altogether.

Where can we get your book to read Mr. Upadhyay

Well it is available at different online stores like Amazon, flipkart, playstore, Educreation book store etc.

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