Being rejected is hard. But when rejection hits, it unleashes a process whereby we are suddenly uplifted and freed to move into another direction.

The truth is that although we may assiduously plan out our course, the universe may have something else in mind for us.

When rejection happens, don’t despair; understand that you are being guided toward a different, better, more suitable path for you.

The way we use and channel our energy is critically important

If you find yourself expending a tremendous amount of energy into a particular direction only to encounter a ‘brick wall;’ experience push back; and eventually rejection, take heed. It’s a clear message that your energy will be better directed (and appreciated) elsewhere.


It’s not about you

Although we may feel crushed when rejected, the truth is that it’s often not about us. It’s about not fitting into a particular organic, energetic system. At the root of rejection is biotic energy. When there’s a mismatch of energies (e.g., your energy is high and theirs is lower), it will not be an energetic match. This is why I say that you’ll be uplifted and freed.

It’s your gain

Rejection means that you are a winner! It’s hard to see this initially as you process the pain of being rejected. Allow yourself to feel and process ‘rejection pain.’ The process is purging and guaranteed to strengthen you and lessen, even eliminate, dependency on that which you thought you needed in your life.

Freedom ensures forward momentum

To be freed from that which is not (and was never) meant for you means that you can now channel your energy toward that which propels you higher—toward organic energy systems that match yours.

Let go, let God, and move on

My best advice in the case of rejection is to let go and move on. Don’t try to analyze too deeply why it happened. Understand that you have friends; family (biological or chosen); and that you belong to a ‘tribe.’ Moving on ultimately means that you may have to move beyond your local geographic or mental comfort zone. That’s okay because it’s the only way that growth can happen and correct energetic matching, which is acceptance.


Trust that your deepest desires will manifest

Rejection doesn’t equate with defeat. Rejection is the path to making your deepest dreams a reality.

Although the biblical patriarch, Joseph, was at ease in his employer Potiphar’s house and is described as ‘a prosperous man,’ (i) God had another plan for him. Indeed, Joseph was catapulted from prosperous to second in command after the king of Egypt, Pharaoh. His prophetic dreams of reigning over his brothers (ii) literally came true. (iii)

May you be rejected from that to which you do not belong; and,

May you be accepted into that where you were always meant to be.


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Image credit, Wall: freeimages[dot]com/dantesz

Image credit, Fireworks: freeimages[dot]com/Stratman