Humanity is going through a major transition, mainly in how we communicate with one another. 

The virus came to help us reach this new level of communication. If we were all concerned more about one another and the entire society, we would all be healthy.  

Throughout history nature has always pushed us from behind using various formats. We didn’t know what was happening with us in those transitions. This time we do. 

It’s the first time in human history that we can see what is happening with us. That we know what process all of humanity needs to go through. So we can get ahead of it this time. 

This is our time. We can take the reigns and control nature instead of nature controlling us. 

Nature that is developing us wants us to grow, and actively participate in all the changes we must make. These changes are mainly about the connection between us. Change has always been about our connection. People don’t change and we can’t change them. The only thing that changes is our connection. Throughout history this only happened through necessity. Nature applied pressure in many ways including increasing our inner urges, and limiting us in some way externally. This would arrange us in a certain format. 

But this time is different. This time we’re going through a significant change. 

Nature is demanding to accept the change as desirable rather than imperative. 

Nature is demanding that we understand this change in advance, not due to lack of options. 

We also need to agree with these changes and willingly help them happen. 

We need to understand the nature of these changes, and how we can lead them ourselves. 

We need to go above nature that is pushing us from behind to change. 

We need to advance ourselves forward and pull all of nature along with us. 

Humans are now becoming that part of the whole of nature that determines, decides, manages what is happening with the human layer of nature. 

Not only what happens with us. That at the end of this development we’ll determine what form it will take for all of nature. This will be a special and superior form that will bring us to the next stage that we cannot see yet. But we can already slightly identify the process we need to go through, and this is how we can build the next phase of our development ourselves.

We will enter this development according to our forces, desires and decisions, and build a new humanity, a new man, and a new world. 

Nature wants us to make a significant change this time. It’s not about us learning what changes we need to make this easier and suffer less. No. 

Nature wants far more from us. That we’ll be willing and capable of building the new world ourselves. So we need to learn this process and how it must play out – we have no control over that. How we agree with this process and see ourselves not only as participants, but actively leading this change. 

This is the work we have cut out for us. 

These forces exist in nature but unlike all other forms that changed us such as from slavery to feudalism, and then to capitalism. We went through all these forms in an imperative manner. No one knew what they would give birth to. Now we do need to learn about this state we’re in and how to help. This process will help us grow as humans, rather than simply letting things wash over us. We are building and accelerating the next stage, and this is an entirely different kind of development.

We need to understand that if we don’t consciously use our emotional intelligence nature will continue to give us blows, so we’ll verify and learn to such an extent that we’ll build this whole process. The process already exists in nature, but we need to willingly learn it and implement it. 

The protests and virus won’t change anything. 

The only thing that will change things is us learning about the state we’re in, and making conscious decisions together.

We are building humans. This is about bringing humans forward to determine what kind of society we want to build. 

This is the first time in human history that we can preempt nature’s blows – or we can either wait for world wars and more pandemics. We will be far better off if we start now in advance.  

People must consciously lead this process to give our society a human form. 

Up until now our blind ego managed everything and pushed us in so many directions throughout our evolution. This is how we developed until now. 

But this time it’s different because the ego has concluded its development. So we can now use our intelligence to develop in a more beneficial manner. We can shift our attitude by seeing the world from a global perspective. This is still not above the individual ego, but at least it’s more toward the collective/integral ego.  

What do we need to learn? 

With the coronavirus we began the process of understanding that we’re in an integral system. So in all sectors of life we’re being upgraded from individual development to collective development. Things will only get better for the individual on the condition that we are part of the collective. We’ll all get what we need from society because we’ll all be concerned for the collective. 

According to the laws of nature, which we are part of, there is evolution in all the levels of nature – the plant world, the animal world, etc. These levels of nature that went through this evolution now see themselves as being in the integral circle, and interdependent. Each level reached its maximum development, and from now on development is only toward connecting into a diverse society covering the whole planet. 

We will feel as one humanity on Earth with a common destiny. 

In this we’re carrying out the law of nature. This requires us learning the law of nature – the law of love – so we can begin to approach the next stage in the near future. 

(Inspired by today’s writers meeting with Michael Laitman)