Arrive in new places
Just to leave them

I want you to know that I love travelling but it doesn’t mean that it does not frighten me sometimes. I don’t always feel comfortable while moving around by myself. It’s unsettling and sometimes terribly lonely knowing nobody in a big new place. You still need to think about finances or a place to sleep tonight. There’s a bit of worry in me not knowing where I will be in few days, and that’s normal. But I enjoy the adventure and unforgettable experiences much more than I fear the exit of my comfort zone.

When I settle for a while somewhere, I cannot wait to hit the road again. I feel like I am constantly falling in love with places I have never been to and people I have never met. I have this inexplicable hunger in me and I do not want to bury it. I want to live boldly, push myself and live the life without limits as long as I can.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

When I travel, I wake up every day feeling endlessly grateful for the freedom that I managed to give myself. I praise my independence and the beauty of the world. I feel overwhelmed with the hospitality and kindness of strangers, who become my family for only few days, or maybe just one night.

This is the kind of life that makes me believe that this planet is still a wonderful place to be. This is what makes me feel like I want to keep going and fighting to make a difference, even a tiny little one. This is why I am sure that human beings are fundamentally full of goodness and magic.

Zumbahua, Ecuador — the amazing family which hosted me in their house 4350m above the sea level

Thanks to travelling, I know people who have more stories to tell than any Netflix series, I know how to dance in all languages and how to laugh with all the foreign dialects and local accents.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

I guess this is what it is all about in the end. To find a way to live that makes you wake up every day and jump out of your bed wanting to conquer the world. So now, I am back on track! And yes, my plan is to conquer the world sometime soon 😉

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