We always hear similar quotes like “God is in you” or “God is within you” but many fail to see what is really talking about. This saying is not talking about that god many portray as an old man up in the sky but also living inside of your body too. This is talking about a better inhabitant of your body, can you guess what it is? It’s your soul.

Let’s think a little bit. It is said that god knows everything and sees everything and your soul can do the exact same thing. We are not here to live one life, die and then go to heaven or hell, we come on Earth many lives and is the same soul that lived many lives and experienced many things throughout thousands of years, just in a different body.

Your soul is an etheric being that is not bound by the laws of physics, matter and time and the soul never dies, you are fooled to think that your soul can be killed.

Our modern society made us to totally ignore our soul and use it more as a metaphor when we speak than to really connect with it and learn from it’s wisdom.

When you meditate instead of asking gods, angels or guides for help, how about asking your soul for guidance?