My 20-year-old has autism. He tells me naps are boring. I tell him, wait until you’re my age. He takes going to bed early as a punishment. You know how kids act when they’re super tired. They whine, and fight sleep until they practically fall over. They are afraid they’ll miss something. This is how my son is. “No-no-no, I don’t want to go to sleep.” Until 9pm. Then bam, he’s down and out.

I love a good nap. I get the recommended eight hours of sleep. I’m rested when I wake up. The magical clock rings somewhere between 1:30 and 3pm and tells me, naptime. I’m sure this has as much to do with what I had for lunch as needing a nap but I truly feel so much better after a quickie!

Ten to twenty minutes is all I need. That little bit and my afternoon productivity soars. For all the naps I don’t take, I drag. My creativity suffers, my endurance suffers, my desire to produce is non-existent. I’m one of the lucky ones, though. I work from home, so I have all the ability to take a nap. How many people at job locations could do with a nap?

Back in the day, you worked eight hours. You were allotted a 30-minute lunch and two 15-minute breaks. The breaks seemed to have all but disappeared from the workplace. Use them for a wonderful 10-minute nap. Set an alarm on your device that never leaves your side, and shut your eyes for 10-minutes. If enough folks did this, and enough bosses see their afternoon productivity soar, we could all have a nice rejuvenating nap every day.

And on that note, “Back in 15”

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