The Truth About the Law of Attraction

Discussions around the Law of Attraction have been around for decades. One of the main questions I see asked is, “Does it work?”

Many can argue either side of that question, but rather than debate whether it works, Succeed On Purpose set out to find the TRUTH about the law of attraction by testing it with thousands of students over the last decade.

What we found is that using the Law of Attraction to manifest desires works extremely well when viewed as a process of co-creating. We really do have the power to create what we want as well as the capability to find solutions to any problem. The only requirement is to, first, take responsibility for your life and, second, be willing to take action toward your happiness and desires vs. feeling “at effect” or “victim” to your circumstances.

Co-creation happens naturally when our soul (or inner knowing) inspires us to take action and follow a desire. This power is ALWAYS available if we slow down and listen.

The Steps to Activate the Power of Co-creating

1: Know That What We Want is Possible

There is a divine influence that will open doors and direct our path, if we are willing to listen and trust it. Unfortunately, most of us wait until we’ve exhausted all our humanly resources and abilities and are forced to surrender. Although that works too, we can actually use the power to co-create more effectively when we use it all the time. For everything.

2: Slow Down and Connect – Use your ABC’s

Several times throughout the day, follow this protocol:

  • A: Acknowledge- Our ability to co-create will be blocked if we stay in fear and doubt. To remove what is blocking you (most commonly fear), simply acknowledge what you are feeling by saying this statement out loud to yourself: “The truth is I feel (insert).” Most of the time you’ll find yourself saying: “The truth is I feel afraid or scared” or “tired“ or “frustrated.” It doesn’t matter why you feel this way. Just acknowledge the feeling.
  • B: Breathe– Rather than obsess over the feeling, simply acknowledge it and then take 4 deep breaths, breathing in through the nose and out of your mouth. This will clear that energy so you can move into alignment.
  • C: Connect- After deep breathing the emotion out of your body, connect to your spirit by placing your hands on your heart. FEEL the connection.

Once connected (and quiet) simply pull all of your energy into the present moment. Our soul co-creates most effectively when we’re in the present, and not focusing on the past or worrying about the future.

3: Clarify the Desire

Most of us don’t know what we want (or deny it because we are afraid we can’t create it). However, once you’ve cleared your energy and focused yourself in the present, it’s much easier to identify what you want, and then you just have to ask for it.

You can ask for a specific thing, like money, a job, or a relationship. And although there’s debate about whether it’s best to be general or specific, it really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you feel good about the desire and the desire is something you actually want or need. Our research has confirmed that the more we want something, the easier it is to create it.

You can also ask for a solution or guidance too. Maybe you need to know what job to apply for, or whether to start that purposeful business, or how to address a faltering relationship. If you want a solution, it can be co-created.

4: Focus Your Energy

Before acting, take a few minutes to focus your energy through thoughts and emotion.

Just visualize having it, or write down “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”

Feel what it feels like to have it. Feel grateful for having received it before it actually comes.

It’s important to focus energy before taking action, so we stay in the flow of co-creating rather than trying to MAKE something happen.

5: Take Inspired Action  

Co-creating places the emphasis on the divine partnership we have between human and spirit, and ego and soul.

If all those elements are aligned, we will KNOW what action to take and it won’t feel like effort.

At the same time, there is no role for blame or a victim mindset. We only become victims of our circumstance when we allow ourselves to wallow in our perceived weakness. When we know what we want, we are motivated to move forward. When we embrace our power to co-create there is nothing we can’t be, do, or have.

Co-creation asks us to do our part by following “inspired next steps” which will feel like guidance from our spiritual counterpart, whether you call it God, Creator, the Universe, Source, or something else.

Once we know the next step, simply take action. Be ready to move forward with the first step. You can’t just sit back and wait for opportunities to be served to you or, said another way, we cannot win the lottery if we don’t buy a ticket.

Go at your own speed: take baby steps, giant leaps, or anything in-between. While taking action, don’t get too far ahead of the divine guidance. Take a break once or twice a day and reconnect (ABC’s) to re-evaluate your plan so you’re moving forward in alignment and staying in the flow.