“Wellness expands when we’re in integrity with ourselves and others.”

–Gail Kauranen Jones, Transformational Leader, Coach, Author and Wellness Pioneer

The three years prior to getting my breast cancer diagnosis were the most stressful times of my life. A colleague of mine, watching my life unravel in incredulous ways, said he felt like he was observing the crucifixion of Jesus hanging from the cross.

I have since learned from health experts I admire, including my second opinion breast surgeon, and participants at The Mind Body Program for Cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital that I attended for three months, that many patients have two to three incredibly stressful years prior to getting their diagnosis.

Looking back at my off-the-charts stressful time, I see much of my angst was caused by deceit from others, and even myself, in not fully honoring who I am. I was living smaller than my “knowing” and giving my power to others. That story changed in my subsequent healing journey, which is detailed in a new book near completion.

We all have stress in our lives. Learning ways to cope with and reduce stress is paramount to achieving greater states of wellness.

One way to elevate your potential for greater health is to make honest choices after asking:

Where am I not living in integrity?

In truth and wellness,



(Write the statements down several times. Repeat each statement upon waking in the morning, and then again five minutes before going to bed for the night, and a few other times throughout the day.)

1. I allow myself to calm my mind and rest my body for greater wellness.
 2. I allow myself to live in integrity.
 3. I allow myself to thrive in wellness with the support of like-minded others.

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The above photo was taken by my friend, Bill Robertson, outside of a law office on Green Street in Newburyport, Mass. It represents for me the purity of staying in wellness by releasing negativity from our lives and bodies.

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  • Gail Kauranen Jones

    Transformational leader, intuitive coach, gifted wordsmith/author and inspiring teacher; owner of ClaimYourWorthiness.com

    “Declare your innate worthiness and keep loving yourself into the highest vision of your dreams." --Gail Kauranen Jones   Gail Kauranen Jones is an intuitive coach, gifted wordsmith and inspiring teacher who has been leading others through transformation for more than twenty years. She is the author of two books, Cancer as a Love Story: Developing the Mindset for Living,) and To Hell and Back...Healing Your Way through Transition. Both books were met with rave reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.   She has taught many leading-edge workshops at top spas and wellness centers, and continues to lead guided meditation circles. Gail lives a passionate and simple life writing, hiking, connecting in meaningful ways, aligning in joyful collaboration and thriving in nature.   Following her pioneering spirit, Gail is honoring "a calling" to help others release internal stressors by integrating a greater sense of love and worthiness. She has a new e-book about her unique process in the works.  To learn more, visit www.claimyourworthiness.com.   To order a signed copy of either of her current books, email: [email protected].