The truth is…

You DESERVE happiness.

You DESERVE abundance.

You DESERVE freedom.

The other truth you have created is

You are afraid!

You think you don’t know enough!

You think you are “a nobody” to create and deserve and manifest all this!

With this big gap between the two versions of truth in your mind, you are stuck now!

You know it is just a mindset, but you are stuck, you have no clarity and no idea what goals you want to set or reach. 

Some of the situations where you created a false truth might have been dramatic, even abusive, others just have been a phrase by someone like a teacher, parent or friend: “Oh you can’t do this”, “Oh this is not for you”, “Money is hard to earn”, and you believed them. You are wondering how you can close this gap between WHAT YOU DESERVE-and you know you do-, and this other “truth”. Now you do not allow yourself to deserve because of these internal talks. And so lack of confidence, lack of self-love, lack of intuition, lack lack lack…comes up with excuses and procrastination.

Are you fed up with it? Are you ready to change that?

Are you ready now to GET WHAT YOU DESERVE?

  • Let’s calm your internal voices down,
  • Let’s connect with your heart’s desire,
  • Let’s create this business,
  • Let’s heal the chronic pain inside,
  • Let’s heal these emotions like fear, shame, guilt,
  • Let’s reconnect to your “true” energy and health.

Make 2020 your best year ever!

Personalized meditation coaching programs help aspiring women-entrepreneurs, who cannot wait anymore. Let’s start in January, change this mindset and live the better version of your life. You are done with lack, I know that.
Please feel free to download a meditation practice here to feel focused, connected and powerful, click to download it and send me a private message via email at [email protected] if you have any questions about mindset, mention: I am done with lack! 
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Photo by me, one of my art creations.