There are two pillars that stabilise me when the world seems chaotic or my anxiety is high.

One is reading. With a book I can escape at a time of my choice, and get immersed. I only read what works for me at the time, be that romance or racy biographies – no need to be highbrow unless thats what my heart desires.

Two is the great outdoors – but on my own terms. My workplace have a brilliantly accessible scheme where we log any outdoor time on a fitness app group, and the total distance we achieve as a team is donated to charity. No pressure to be on time, or do a specific sport – I love it!

My advice is to have more than one ‘outfit’ in your wardrobe of anxiety strategies, and to recognise that sometimes you may need a new method, or to rest a strategy that you start to find grating. We evolve, and so must our resilience rituals.