I have had this conversation with so many people from friends to clients to myself over the past year.

For Now. *Yelling it loud for people in the back.*

The feelings you are feeling. The thoughts you are having. The circumstances you are circumstancing. They aren’t permanent. Despite what you are feeling they won’t last forever.  

There is so much power in adding For Now to our thoughts. We have a short term vision at times not thinking to the future of how it won’t always feel this way. We live in moments of panic and worry and all this overwhelm, never stopping to think it won’t always be this way.

It’s just how it is.. For Now.

Taking that secure job over exploring dream job.. For Now.  

Frustrated with the way of the World … For Now.

Homesick, lovesick, unmotivated, frustrated, all the feels  .. For Now.

Thinking with a For Now mindset doesn’t diminish what you are going through but it does keep it in perspective. It keeps the hope alive and mind open to what is ahead and not get lost in the here and now. It’s a reminder to not base it all on this one moment.

If we’ve seen anything over the past year, our lives can change in an instant. One day we’ll look back on this time and be in a brand new space of For Now. We live a lifetime of these moments.