I love it when people deem that allowing everything to be assumes the threat of total complacency. It’s adorable really. So, let me go ahead and nip that sucker in the bud right quick so we can move on and not have to deal with that resistance any longer. Because, let’s face it, that idea is a resistance. A fear. This fear to be exact:  If I do nothing, then I will accomplish nothing, if I accomplish nothing I will become nothing, If I become nothing I will be a worthless piece of shit who contributed nada to the world and I will be a failure to myself, and most importantly to the people around me as I am judged within an inch of my life.

Raise your hand if you resonate with that limited belief?

Here’s another one. My purpose on this earth is to DO. It is the doing of things and the accomplishing and accruing of objects that identify and confirm that I am worthy of my standing. I am on this earth to make an impact. I need to be significant. If I’m not significant I will be a failure and therefore will have lived my life in vain. This is why I seek fame and accolades. I will sacrifice my happiness for this significance.


Now, let me be clear. The doing and accomplishing of things while on this earth is a beautiful and magical process. It’s a miracle actually. If your intuition and drive lead you to desire accomplishments and abundance – beautiful. Perfect. The divine has decided to experience those things through the vessel known as you. The divine is super interested in experiencing The Plaza Athene in Paris and wearing $250 raw denim jeans through my vessel. Just sayin’.

But, when your actions stem from an anchor of fear and need, what does this accomplish? You may close a deal, or find befriedment in the cool circle, or even give yourself the capital to buy a new home and car. But what of that whole fear and need thing that was the impetus for the action in the first place? What happens to that? I will tell you what happens to that, it goes untended and grows. It will allow a few days or even months to relish the sweet victory of a closed deal or a new home, but soon enough, it will pop back up and manifest as the need for a newer, better deal to close, and a bigger, cooler home to live in.

This is the cycle of the mind. It is its very nature. It’s aroma. It’s not a bad thing for doing this. It’s only doing what it knows. Which, in this case, is to run a thread pass your awareness with the constant reminder that where you are is not good enough.

It’s not that the mind is trying to hurt us. Like I said, it’s just doing it’s job. The issue is that we are focusing on it. And by focusing on it, we therefore assume this identification with what we think we are is our reality. Every action taken from the ego has ended the same. Everytime. With the smaller self coming back to roost as the focus of your I Am’s attention, hiding under the guise that it is in fact your reality. 

It is not.

What I am suggesting is to start to dwell in the presence within you that knows you exist, and stop laze-ring that attention at the thoughtsphere that tickers past your awareness. Instead, just Be in that awareness.

That’s what it means to allow everything to be.

When we allow ourselves to find that feeling within us that says “I am” or “I exist” and just abide in that, without focusing on anything, and simply, with the deft soft touch of surgeon merely reside and abide in that feeling, something starts to happen. We stop contributing to the Grass Is Always Greener fund, and instead start trusting the same Source energy that created Golden Retrievers, palm trees and Catherine Zeta Jones.

And when we hand our lives over to that Source, life starts blossoming in ways we could never fathom. 

When we surrender to what is we don’t all of a sudden sit on a couch and start playing video games and sucking down bong rips. The divine doesn’t want to express that particular action through your vessel. Other’s vessels perhaps, but not yours. So, why would you do that? Wouldn’t that be resistance also? If I have a desire to accomplish things, and that’s what’s inside of me, am I allowing everything to be exactly as it is by working against that to sit on a couch and be lazy? It’s absurd.

Rather, when we allow everything to be, and let Source drive the vehicle as our small self dissolves into this pool of integrated energy, we act from a place of total non thinking. Internal non doing. Action automatically activated from the nothingness of presence. Some refer to this as The Zone. Ever been in The Zone? Fun, right? Were you being lazy when you were in the zone? Or were you completely, totally and effortlessly crushing life in a state of surrender to the moment. I’ll answer for you. The latter. You’re welcome.

When we are in the Zone we have completely given up paddling upstream and started to let the river take us. That’s surrender. And surrendered action, ladies and gentlemen, is where it is at. It’s effortless. It’s flow. It’s recognition that You (along with all your desires) are the Divine. One in the same.

The palm tree never starts the day by thinking ‘today I will make this coconut grow because if I don’t the other palm trees will think I’m weak, and I will think I’m weak because they think I’m weak’

Nope. The palm tree just blossoms by being. It just IS in the world and allows Source to automatically grow it. So, I ask, why wouldn’t nature hold the same rules for us?

Are we somehow different than the rest of nature simply because we were given reason? What if the part of us that was given reason is actually not what we are, but rather the accumulated layers of conditioning we’ve accrued through years of bypassing our True self for the fleeting pleasures of a mind that functions on the ‘grass is always greener’ system.

When we start to let this intelligence work through us, our actions arise out of this energy and we become efficient, effortless and perfect. What do I mean by perfect? Am I referring to the outcome? Fuck no. That’s not our job. The ‘how’ is not up to us. Again, that’s surrender. I mean that there is no judgement to how we do our action. There isn’t room. In the dwelling in the I Am there is so much immediacy and joy there is literally no time or room to think of past and future. There is zero commentary on how we do our thing. And in the process we understand that whatever result comes from that is the result that leads us to our deepest driving desires. Even if, at the time, the result doesn’t look the way we imagined it would look. We live in trust to a higher intelligence and we know inherently that this intelligence knows way more than we do.

We have one job. Just one. Find the place inside of us that says “I exist” or “I Am” and just stay there. When you drift off, come back to it. Eventually space will be created and the anchoring in the I Am will become more effortless. Stay there and let your tree blossom. Stay there and trust that everything will happen automatically and exactly as it is supposed to. When you feel inspired, do the thing you feel inspired about. When you feel scared or needy or insignificant, abide in your I Am place and dispassionately observe those thoughts and feelings and watch as they disappear, lost in the expansive nature of Being. Soon enough it will become evident: one of these things maintains, the other disappears. The I Am stays expansively where it is in a constant state of awareness, the thoughtsphere passes and disappears like a wispy cloud.

When that happens, take a second and ask yourself the question: Should I be giving my life over to the thing that is expansive, and all Being, or the thing that disappears at the first instance of recognition. 

Then ask yourself this: What have I been giving my life too? Have I handed over the reins to this wispy, judgemental phantom constantly seeking and needing more, more, more? Am I ready to hand it over to this place inside me that I know is ever existent and formless? That sages for centuries have told us is the true answer. 

Am I?

The true Type A personality is defined by never being ok with the status quo. You’ve spent your life taking direction from your ego mind. That’s been your normal. So, wouldn’t it be in your very nature then to test that standard, and now start to anchor yourself in an awareness that to date has merely been used as an outpost to see your limitations. Now, by abiding in it, you will make it the castle in which you dwell. The dwelling  place of true manifestation, peace and all your deepest driving desires. 

Take the leap into the greatest paradox of all. The less you “do”, the more you become, and the more you become, the more you will start to manifest the external world best fitted to that soul, and in the case of the Type A personality, that’s an abundance of all the beautiful things the world has to offer.

Ready. Set. Be.