Buying the perfect gift for your special girl can be a sweaty-palmed, anxiety-filled ordeal. So we wanted to help you get the best gift, without any backlash. Perfect for the holidays, birthdays or just to keep you out of the doghouse, this gift guide is for you. To make it even easier, we even set up links to the items, so let your fingers do the walking.

The Sentimental Girl

Digital Photo Frame - Gift for Girlfriend

Digital Photo Frame loaded with photos of you two

Difficulty level: Easy

Suggested Add Ons: Champagne, Tickets stub from an event attended together, Overstuffed Teddy Bear

Say all the things you really want to (or that she really wants you to say) with this gift. All she wants to know is that you pay attention to the little things, and that you really care.

The Glam Girl

Sephora Gift Card - Gifts for Women

$100+ Sephora Gift Card

Difficulty Level: Medium

Suggested Add Ons: Red Wine, Red Roses, Day at the spa

Tell her how much you appreciate the time she takes to look as delicious as she does. Any girl knows that going to get the equipment to practice her artistry can be pricey, so she’ll love the fact you support her talents and want to pamper her from the inside out.

*Warning: if your girl does not wear makeup, this is not a gift to get her. Don’t be that guy.

The Boss Babe

The PleaseNotes #HustleKit

Difficulty Level: Easy

Suggested Add Ons :You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, An Old Fashioned Drink Kit, Apple Watch

She’s the Bonnie to your Clyde, Michelle to your Barack. Show her that you love her ambition, brains and beauty. She may look super-confident on the outside, but she will melt when you show her how much you believe in her.

The Free Spirit

Crown Works CrystalCombs - Gifts for her

The Rose Quartz Crownworks Crystal Comb

Difficulty Level: Easy

Suggested Add Ons: Sage, Unconditional Love Candle, Organic Tequila

You guys are destined to be together, she saw it in a meditation. You love the fact she’s a little out of the box, and she loves getting new trinkets to add to her collection. She’ll feel the stronger connection, and you’ll manifest some magic between the two of you.

The One That’s Ready for Anything

Pack up + Go Trip - Best gift for girlfriends

Pack Up + Go Trip

Difficulty Level: Hard

Suggested Add Ons: Vodka, Go Pro, Selfie Stick

She’s ride or die and loves surprises. The best way to wow her is to whisk her away on a weekend adventure. Not only would she appreciate you planning a whole trip, you also get bonus points for making sure she could properly document and share this trip of a lifetime.

What kind of lady do you have, and what do you think she would like? Comment below.