Dabbing has gained unbelievable quality recently, and with this new quality comes heaps of choices for dabbing.

There area unit many alternative types of dab nails out there for brand new or toughened dabbers to use with their dab rigs.

Learn the most important variations in dab nails, the execs and cons of those variations, and that one is best for you.


One of the foremost noticeable variations, albeit you’re new dabbing, is whether or not a dab nail is domeless or rounded.


Some of the advantages of employing a rounded nail in conjunction with your oil rig include:

Great for individual use as a result of no vapor is wasted.

Cheaper than their domeless counterparts.

The rounded sides entice vapors, therefore vapor is firmer.

The hooked up dome creates a safer thanks to dab.


Meanwhile, domeless dab nails don’t have any sides to them. With this style comes a selected set of benefits:

Allows for larger dabs.

Faster heating compared to rounded dab nails.

Reduces the chance of burning the oil.

There area unit cons for this dabbing system too. the most one being that this dab nail style is additional meant for knowledgeable dabbers, because of the short heating skills. Plus, you lose additional vapor unless you employ a separate carb cap.

If you’re new dabbing, you will wish to think about beginning with a rounded nail for your dab rig then operating your far to a domeless style.

E-NAILS VS. commonplace DAB NAILS

The major distinction between e-nails and commonplace dab nails is that e-nails do not accept a paraffin torch to heat up the nail.

Short for “electronic nails,” e-nails usually feature a controller box that delivers heat to the nail through a coil. The managementler box permits you to simply — you guessed it — control the temperature. therefore it eliminates guessing.

E-nails need heating coils to attach to e-nail capable domeless nails, which might be made up of quartz, titanium, and even carbide.

E-nails area unit a superb means for guaranteeing the concentrate reaches a uniform temperature. whereas these dabbing accessories area unit significantly dearer than commonplace dab nails, if you intend on dabbing frequently, then this could be a decent investment for you.

Because e-nails will stay at the best temperature for hours, they’re a superb alternative for enjoying multiple dabs during a row, and stop you from burning oil on the nail.

When mistreatment Associate in Nursing e-nail, you will need to form certain you monitor it closely as a result of the high-temperature wont to operate.

If you’re Associate in Nursing toughened dabber World Health Organization is searching for some way {to do|to try to to|to try Associate in Nursingd do} multiple dabs and knowledge to figure an oil rig, Associate in Nursing e-nail would be a major accelerate for you and your dabbing routine.


Besides the variations within the style of the dab nail and the way to heat the nail, these dabbing accessories area unit made up of heaps of various materials.


This option for dab nails has been around since the start of the dabbing craze. it is simple to ascertain why this material may be a common possibility for a dab rig as a result of its unmatched sturdiness.

Besides being sturdy, metal will heat up quickly and systematically, that area unit 2 crucial parts to dabbing.

The most important negatives to employing a metal nail area unit that if you select a lower-grade metal, you run the chance of titanium dioxide increase on the dab nail, which could be harmful for each you and your dab nail.

Plus, the metal might interfere with the flavour.

If you’re someone World Health Organization does not wish something intrusive with the flavour, a metal nail might not be for you.


Glass dab nails area unit another common possibility among the dabbing community. These dab nails area unit nice for not intrusive with the flavour. Plus, they’re one among the simplest sorts of dab nails to wash.

However, glass dab nails don’t seem to be best for withstanding high levels of warmth and should break simply. Unless you’re extraordinarily careful along with your dab nail, you would possibly have a brief life for your glass dab nail.


If you liked  the sound of the advantages of the glass dab nail however did not wish to risk the simple breakage, a quartz nail could be the proper one for you.

The quartz mineral offers a similar advantages of the glass nails, however the mineral is industrial and offers additional sturdiness.

Some of these quartz nails droop off the aspect of the nail, that is commonly remarked as a dab banger.

One important negative of quartz nails is that they’re going to cool off quick. If you’re mistreatment this material for your dab nail, you’ll need to be fast therefore the dab nail will not cool off an excessive amount of.