ILuna By Modern Herbs

ILuna by Modern Herbs helps you outsmart hangovers.

When medical doctors hear about traditional Eastern medicine, there is a void and gap they can’t understand – which is pretty surprising since this has been practiced for thousands of years. In Asia, specifically in Korea, they have unique natural elements in herbs which is meant to enhance the functionality of organs, liver, kidney and stomach.

The Founder of ILuna Hangover by Modern Herbs main goal was to disseminate the effectiveness of Eastern Medicine to the Western culture, but soon they were faced one of the biggest challenges. The taste of herbal tea was unpalatable for people who have no experience with herbal medicine. They quickly realized the importance of making it more approachable and developed supplements that can be easily consumed. 

ILuna doesn’t encourage temperance, rather it advocates maintaining wellness.

Herbal remedy is a well-established scientific practice and is shown to be effective for numerous medical applications. As opioid crisis grows, ILuna understands their concern towards prescribed drugs. That’s why they pride themselves on not tolerating any chemical use on theirs herbs – this means, no fillers, no preservatives, no additives.

They source medical grade herbs from South Korea where the herbs are strictly governed by the Korean FDA (currently known as the Ministry of Food Drug Safety). These medical grade herbs can only be purchased and handled by licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners in the United States. 

They key here is taking a preventative approach.

The best way to hack yourself out of a hangover is simply taking one of ILuna’s supplements with water at least 30 minutes prior to drinking. This is the most effective way to maximize benefits. Their doctors have developed the best formula to minimize side effects and an emerging leading product in the market geared towards professionals.

Today’s your lucky day, because they are giving away free samples. Grab yours to try here.


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