A large percentage of adults in the United States are facing mental health challenges. One out of 30 grown-ups suffers from severe mental distress that adversely impacts their quality of life. It is important to be convinced that you are undergoing a mental disorder so that you can get prompt medical assistance.

Martin Polanco’s perception of the major mental disorders people face

He lays down the few major challenges in mental health that people face. Let us find out more about the same in the paragraphs that follow.

  1. Seeking delayed support

It is generally seen that there are very few people that will agree that they require medical assistance due to their mental state.

Oftentimes, we just brush it off as a PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menopause transition, or for the menfolk as a low phase in office or career. However, the moment you notice that you are not being able to perform your usual chores due to mental stress, it is time that you must approach a mental health professional for help. So, identifying the need for help is a big challenge.

  • When you do not make yourself a priority

Oftentimes, it is seen that in the process of catering to others and attending to family chores, you fail to realize that you have to pamper yourself as well. This is where the disappointment sets in if you have been doing the same thing for several years at a stretch. Most people do not realize that a monotonous life might lead to stress, anxiety, and eventual depression. You do not understand that stress and anxiety is a vicious cycle.

  • Not being able to identify red flags

Feeling down for a few days is acceptable and might be written off as a temporary phase. However, if you suffer from distress symptoms and restlessness for days together, you need help. Most of the time you do not pay heed to these red flags and symptoms eventually become severe.

It may be noted that when we talk about mental health, we are talking about overall well-being that includes emotional, behavioral, and cognitive. By mental health, we do not always refer to mental disorder but mental sanity and stability.

Unless you have sound mental health, you will not be able to enjoy good physical health and vice versa. There is a close relationship between physical and mental well-being. Over time, the balance between various life activities, relationships, and responsibilities get disrupted.

Martin Polanco suggests few ways to ward off the same. These include the following-

  • Make time for yourself. Enjoy the things that you love to do or be around people you feel comfortable with.
  • Most importantly, if you think that you are not keeping well mentally, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Or just sharing your woes with your closest one will help you as well.

Last but not the least, try to make yourself a priority once in a while and love yourself says Martin Polanco.