Anxious feelings and stress are experiences that every single individual has come across or goes through daily. In this article, you will find a few simple stress-relieving suggestions by the successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Saivian Eric Dalius. Over the years, the remarkable man has believed in also giving back to society by paving the way for people to a stress-free yet innovative advancement.

Easy stress-relieving ways to a healthy and anxiety-free lifestyle include

Saivian Eric Dalius believes in the power of exercise

Battling stress can be made more accessible by implementing one of the essential things like exercise. It may seem contrary in applying physical pressure over the mental stress your body is already experiencing. However, daily physical activity helps combat stress with ease, and the benefits don’t end here. Individuals who indulge in regular physical activity are unlikely to go through many anxious feelings compared to others, and the reason behind this difference is

Cortisol: Regular physical activity lowers the production of the primary stress hormone, Cortisol. Further, it also helps release feel-good chemicals like endorphins that also play the role of natural painkillers.

Good quality sleep: Daily Physical activity helps improve the quality of sleep, which gets negatively impacted by feelings of anxiety and stress.

Feel Confident: Individuals with frequent physical activity tend to feel better about their body and are thus more confident in their skin, resulting in good mental health.

It is best to indulge in physical activity daily; these activities may include dancing, working out, yoga, hiking, walking, etc.

Control excessive caffeine intake

Saivian Eric Dalius introduced several scholarships and foundations to help society’s youth reach various heights. His innovations have brought a rule-breaking effect in the business industry. As a philanthropist, he believes in the greater good of society. In doing so, he understands the central role mental health plays in the betterment of individuals. He suggests a controlled intake of caffeine. Stress can make individuals indulge in caffeinated drinks to get rid of feelings that give rise to anxiety.

Many individuals have different capacities and tolerance to the amount of caffeine they can take, and excessive caffeine can spike anxiety and jitteriness in an individual. Thus, it is best to cut back on caffeine and indulge in healthier choices, like green tea, that act as anxiety supplements and promote feelings of calmness.

Write your stress away

Another course of action to manage your stress is writing it down. Jot down items that make you feel grateful; gratitude is a way to balance your pressure out. Another approach can be recording the root cause of your stress, but a positive affirmation can be a better approach. Putting the focus on positive thoughts can bring about a positive solution to handling your stress.

Stress and anxiety can become a part of your daily life. But the key is to avoid losing yourself in it. You can go a long way by implementing a few simple tips as you travel through life.