I’m in the darkest place of my life but yet its the lightest place I’ve ever been in.  A year ago if you would of told me I would be living on the west coast I would of shut that down quickly. Well actually that’s what happened. During a session with my Spiritual Adviser , she picked up from my energy field a move to the west coach. Bi-coastal. I didn’t buy into that at all. See I’ve always wanted to move from Virginia but I said not for another 11 years. That’s when it was clearly shown to me that Gods plan was bigger than mine. Twenty seven days ago I let go of my house, sold all my stuff and got in the car and moved to Arizona. Not many people knew this as I didn’t want anyone to project their fears on me. I had my own fears and it would’ve been easy to get in my head.  Now I’ve always been the jump and grow your wings on the way down person. This here though was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Its hard to give it words because it was more of a feeling. Arizona was calling me before I even stepped foot on soil. June was the first time I visited Az and it was for a retreat. We stopped at a rest area in New Mexico and it just popped in my head. “Let the house go and sell all your stuff”. That idea excited the heck out of me and I knew this is it. Whatever “it” was, again this was it. All the things that I believed were blocking me from leaving, the Universe showed me it was my Ego operating from a place of fear. Those excuses were lifted away one by one. The path was made clear. Now the car is packed, kids ready to go and I’m scared. Let me put this into perspective for you. I didn’t have a place lined up to live. I didn’t have any family or friends waiting with open arms. The one person I did know in AZ I actually didn’t even see until 14 days after I was there. I had limited funds for this move. So many thoughts racing in my head. Like Tisha you been on your own since you were 16 and here you are at 39 and have nothing. See our Ego in the middle of all the noise will have you feeling like you have nobody, no resources, no skills and no where to turn. When the reality was I’m beyond blessed. I wasn’t alone I had my kids ready to take this journey with me and they were super excited. I have a gift and service that I can provide to others as I have been. I get the opportunity to rebuild my life the way I wanted. I have a whole spiritual team rooting me on. And my Faith if I ever truly wanted to “test” my Faith now was the time to step out and surrender. Now along the way were some bumps and also some blessings and earth angels sent my way. Those details will be shared on the podcast and book. I can tell you though that we hadn’t had to sleep in the car and we have food to eat. Our basic needs are met. So maybe you are thinking why Arizona and for what. Ever since I was a pregnant teen myself, I’ve always wanted to open a group home for teens. It wasn’t until recently I realized it’s never been about the actual home. My desire was truly to teach. To let you know that your current circumstances doesn’t have to define you. Your life isn’t over. You are not a statistic. About a month before I visited Arizona I had a conversation with the beings in the Universe. I said I’m willing to move wherever I can best serve the collective and be supported. Arizona then presented itself. When I really think back the seed of Arizona was first planted in 2009 when I went to Nevada with my good friend. There was a lot of moving pieces that had to come together. Now here we are. I am blessed to say that I am opening up a physical location for The Be You Academy. (H.A.G) more on H.A.G at a later date. My vision is to offer a safe and expansive learning environment for you to explore and embrace your authentic self. To provide a challenging yet nurturing environment for individual growth. We will provide the right tools that fosters trust and creates experiences that align with your authentic nature.  And guess what, I cant do it alone. If you want to be apart and take this journey with me lets connect. I will leave you with this. If you feel stuck, scared, stagnated and really just don’t know what to do. The best thing I can say is surrender. Don’t worry about the hows just believe that everything will work out. Be bold, take a risk and make the leap of faith! You will never know where or how things will be unless you go for it. Do I have a vision yes absolutely. Do I know that my higher power is going to deliver and show me more than I can imagine, absolutely. My story is still unfolding and I couldn’t be anymore excited as whats to come. Stay tuned!