Increasingly, women are looking into new realms of spirituality on their reproductive journeys. And many are finding success and comfort in opening themselves to the universe’s plan for their future motherhood. Knowing that there are forces that protect and support you through your experiences can be undeniably impactful.

“The earlier you can introduce spirituality into the fertility process, the more helpful it is in the success of the process,” says Dr Julie Von, a Manhattan-based holistic doctor who takes a spiritual approach to fostering healthy fertility. Dr Von practices a method called Spiri Fertility, which she developed — based on over a decade of clinical work. She asserts that there are many ways that a spiritual approach to fertility can be beneficial.

Understanding and staying open to earth’s synchronicities

First used by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, synchronicity is a concept that emphasizes the meaningfulness of so-called coincidences in your life. The theory behind synchronicities is that reality is not random — and events in our lives are tied to meaning and are destined to occur. In the case of pregnancy, that means being aware and open to signs from the universe that your motherhood was meant to be.

Questions to consider:

What might it mean if you begin thinking about someone from your past who you haven’t thought about in a long time?

How might a conversation that you overheard between strangers relate to something that you’re currently experiencing?

Should I take notice if I keep seeing the same numbers everywhere I go?

Being aware of these little moments and being open to how they might provide insights to your own life are key to understanding the guidance synchronicities can provide. These meaningful coincidences could help you gain a deeper understanding of your fertility.

Cultivating intuition and positive energy

Experts in spiritual approaches to fertility and other health sciences have long proclaimed the importance of getting in touch with your intuition. Particularly, it can have a positive effect on helping you manifest what you most desire — in this case pregnancy.

According to Dr Von, cultivating intuition also requires recognizing barriers separating you from listening to and getting in touch with your intuition. These barrier may include traumatic life experiences, feelings of displacement and deeply-held fears about birthing or parenting. Sometimes negative energies stemming from poor relationships or toxic work environments can prevent one from connecting with one’s intuition.

Identifying and removing limiting beliefs

As exciting a prospect as motherhood can be, the anxiety that comes from trying to conceive and not can cultivate some self-defeating thoughts. These limiting beliefs can begin creeping in when you feel most vulnerable. The blame, guilt or shame may lead to toxic thoughts like: What if I’m not meant to be a mother? What if I’m not ready? What if it’s too late?

These limiting beliefs can hinder your chances at conceiving by closing yourself off to the fertility journey. These toxic ideas may even trick you into thinking that you don’t actually want to be a mother (limiting beliefs are that powerful). So it’s essential to confront these feelings head-on.

Be proactive in your battle against limiting beliefs. Surround yourself with people who are there to encourage you through your fertility goals and limit your time with people who work to reinforce those limiting beliefs — or cut them out of your life altogether! And if you believe that these limiting beliefs are stemming from a past trauma, consider seeing a therapist to address these root issues.

One of the most effective approaches to helping you leverage spiritual approaches to fertility and addressing limiting beliefs is to create your own fertility mantra or affirmations. Consider a mantra like: “I am fertile and am taking the steps that will lead to a healthy pregnancy. I will become pregnant when the time is right for me.”

Repeat these affirmations every morning when you’re getting ready and again when you’re going to bed. Remember them when those limiting beliefs present themselves. And leverage spiritual approaches to boost your fertility as you progress towards motherhood.

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