— A List Poem

Varieties of rice and wheat in abundance,
Rich flora and fauna for a good ambiance,
Diverse culture and languages, every turn,
Patriotic soldiers guarding without spurn,
Radiant mountain tops shining in sunrise,
Grand peninsula shimmering in moonrise,
Kind and courteous people all around,
With huge unbroken families in plenty,
Whilst unthankful ones criticize this awe,
Wonderment filled, I sing this laud.
Between green fields and white clouds,
I stand frozen in gratefulness abound,
For my country is truly a mother mound.
Noticing only her flaws, a speck,
The ungrateful ones, with no coming back, fled.
While I enjoyed her profuse wealth,
Bewildered by the ones that flee,
They left behind, their families, in glee.

Originally published at medium.com