It’s easy to look at where you are in life and feel discouraged when you compare yourself to other people. Often what we fail to realize is the hard work that person put into achieving their level of success.

We compare our behind the scenes to the highlight reels of other people and wonder why we haven’t “made it”.

It’s important to remember that everyone has his or her own journey. This is even true for the people who have already achieved whatever level of success you are longing for.

In looking at the success of other people it’s so easy to assume that they possess some inherent talent that doesn’t exist in us. When in reality, that person had to work their ass off. Nothing was given to them.

It took platinum selling artist, Andy Grammer fours years of street performing and barely earning $100 per day before he experienced success. In an interview with Lewis Howes, he explained how people would tell him that his voice was terrible and that he should just give up. Instead of quitting he kept working until eventually after years of struggle and hard work, he finally found the success he was working towards.

We have to be willing to make sacrifices to get what we want. We have to be willing to create a vision for our lives, and then do the work. No one is going to do it for us. It’s all on us. And when the universe knows that you are serious, it will conspire to support you.

This manifests in people entering your life at an unexpected time. I think back on my life in 2005 whene I was just trying to make the ends meet. I applied for a job at a manufacturing facility on a whim and was offered an entry-level position.

My supervisor at the time took a liking to me for whatever reason. He took me under his wing and started developing me. This was at a time where I was longing for a career and financial stability.

Through his leadership and guidance I was able to position myself to step into a leadership position at a young age. This led to me having a career that would afford me some cool opportunities and financial stability.

I firmly believe that none of these things would have come my way without me being humble and willing to put in the work. Because I was ready the universe did its thing and put the necessary people in my life to help me achieve the success I so desperately wanted.

Whatever it is you desire for yourself make a commitment to do the work. Identify what that next step is and take action. Once you commit yourself to taking action after action towards whatever it is you desire, the Universe will know that your are serious and put the people in your life to help turn your dream into a reality.

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