The formation of Earth took billions of years to bring it into a form we recognise: and the Universe is much, much older. The most common theory is that it came into being in a single second, following a cosmic explosion. Scientists christened it “The Big Bang.”  Those who edited the Bible, based on the teachings of Abraham, in the Book of Genesis, have a similarity to those of Muhammad, in The Koran, making of it the work of a Creator. Either way (and in the many ways of other belief systems) the human beings  who inhabit Earth are as much ‘work in progress, as It is. We share the same DNA, and we are here for a Reason. The Big Thing is “What?” When We get that, as a species, my guess is all of us will experience the Biggest Bang, ever, in Consciousness.

Genesis;  Gist; Genealogy, and Galvanisation is just one way of expressing the process, in the way that former generations of four-stroke engines underwent Induction, Combustion, Compression, and Exhaust-before they got going, to produce a form of mechanical energy. Every one of Us is a miracle of being inducted into Life by a spark, with enough pressure to want to achieve; and to let it out.  Which, to my mind, confirms the old adage: “Read, learn and Inwardly digest,” and suggesting that it can never begin soon enough.

So, why isn’t this fundamental framework in the school curriculum, when the early classrooms are where there’s most opportunity to begin to grasp (and harness) our energetic potential?  “Know Thy Self; the unexamined life is not worth living,” spoken by Socrates, one of the greatest peripatetic teachers, are a beacon to draw out what has, already, been seeded. Which is why I would have Psychology, Astrology, Philosophy and Literature on the timetable of every self-respecting school, before we set off on our personal journey as a preparation for the necessary ‘testing.’    

My recent reading has been impressed by Joshua Greene’s timely book: “Moral Tribes; emotion, reason and the gap between ‘Us’ and ‘Them, in which he suggests that our brains were designed for ‘tribal life,’ based on selective beliefs, and with an imperative to fight off intruders,when “modern life has thrust the world’s tribes into a shared space, creating so many conflicts of interests, and clashes of values, that we might begin to wonder where (if at all) we can find our common ground.”

My understanding is that the ‘common ground’ may be found by a greater understanding of The Universe, and our Selves, as individuals; and that every one of its (as I write)  7.6 billion inhabitants has every right to be here; and not to be slain, because they have different perceptions. There’s So much more to consider, of course: of COURSE there is, but it’s a start.