The Unlimited Power of Synarchy by Luis Gallardo

It is in the human DNA to work and live in unison, love, and harmony, allowing themselves to trust and surrender to the creative, evolutionary process of life. The current organizing principles of life are based on hierarchy, and that’s a fact. Human evolution as a species is the passage from Hierarchy to Synarchy.

So, what is Synarchy? Historically, it means to ‘rule jointly’ or ‘joint rule,’ an almost foreign idea nowadays. An award-winning poet, mystic, and teacher, Richard Rudd, uses it in the ‘Gene Keys,’ his book of teachings and wisdom about dissolving illusory barriers between individuals, cultures, and ideologies. He describes it as the principle of Synarchy, the self-organizing evolutionary impulse that forges us into collective consciousness by encouraging individual genius. Synarchy represents our society of the future, based on the frequency of love, truth, and wisdom working in harmony.

The Unlimited Power of Synarchy by Luis Gallardo

The Dilemma of Hierarchy

Hierarchy is a system in which all members of society or an organization are ranked according to their relative status or authority. On the opposite side, there is Synarchy. This is a system where there is joint governance, collective leadership, and harmonious rule. In this system, there is no ranking. Ultimately, the difference between these two systems is awareness.

Hierarchy produces competition and control; based on a fear of anarchy (a state of disorder due to the absence of authority). In reality, hierarchy is about relationships and group dynamics. Distorted versions of the hierarchy are typically first experienced in family, where individuals either accept the rules and are, therefore, submissive, repressed, or overwhelmed; or they find a way to manipulate the rules and express their emotions of anger and fear by being reactive and controlling. Either way, the result is usually the same – the amount of existing fear in the family nucleus generates resentment that eventually leads to the breaking up of families (or failure of organizations, as another example).

But, if we can – and when we – embrace the shadows of our distorted perceptions that create fear, with time, we can mend the broken family connections and begin to self-organize. Such mended group dynamics are based on our higher life purpose rather than fear, manipulation, and control. In this case, the organization is based on service and creativity, where the individual elements of the system are given their freedom. This way, individual uniqueness becomes service to the whole.

So, what is the solution to the hierarchy dilemma? An evolutionary passage of transformation from hierarchy to synarchy is solely based on awareness, where the only difference between the two is perception. Though hierarchy exists everywhere in the Universe, it can only take away our freedom if we think freedom is external. True freedom is inner freedom, and hierarchy cannot touch it.

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