These days, it is common to come across people who think that Talent Management is just a fancier term used for Human Resources, however, in reality, there is a deeper meaning to it and it is high time that the world begins to comprehend that.

This article throws light on the actual meaning of talent management, how it deserves to be at the nucleus of business strategy, and the sources to procure information about this intriguing branch of knowledge. Let us begin with knowing what talent management intends to encompass.

Talent Management – The Meaning & Origin

Talent management is fundamentally the prediction of human capital requirements and structuring ways to fulfill those needs. This disciple initially came into the limelight after a research work undertaken by McKinsey in 1997 and gained even more attention with the release of a book written about the ongoing war for Talent in 2001.

It is basically a science of utilizing human resource scheming in order to bring enhanced business value & assist organizations in reaching closer to their primary objectives in an efficient and fast-paced manner. Talent management is committed to attracting, hiring, managing, developing, retaining and elevating the performance of the most efficacious employees of a company. So, if you look at it, Talent Management goes hand in hand with strategic workforce planning.

Talent Management at the Core of Business Strategy

It has been said by many experts at various platforms that the expertise owned by a company’s employees stands at the center of its success. In fact, with the business world focusing exorbitantly on intensive human capital has proved that ‘humans’ are the most highly regarded asset of any organization and Talent Management plays a gigantic role in managing and blossoming this asset, thus, making it an essential part of a business strategy.

There is a growing issue concerning talent that needs utmost attention in the current business scenery. Though the market is showcasing considerable signals of growth, believe it or not, industries are facing an extensive talent shortage mainly because it has become incredibly hard to acquire and keep hold of dexterous professionals.

Therefore, there is growing insecurity among companies about being left behind in the race for enticing the best candidates due to the lack of a competent incompetent talent management strategy and effective execution. As a consequence, it has become hugely important to adopt a constructive Talent Management Strategy which is entirely in sync with the business strategy.

Passage to a Triumphant Talent Management Strategy

Though, building a plan for managing talent is not solely the responsibility of the HR department, however, having laborious HR practitioners to structure the master plan can be the best bet for organizations to have their talent scheme in place.

Hence, businesses should aim to hire HR specialists with an aptitude to understand the heart of a company while preparing an all-inclusive Talent Management Program and fortunately, there are diverse institutes, offering certification in Talent Management, that are focused on supplying an exceptional breed of individuals possessing an eye for extraordinary talent and the potential to map out talent related affairs.

The Topmost Certifications in HR & Talent Management

Despite the fact that there is a bunch of exceptionally well-structured certifications for learning the art handling top talent, I have listed the best three HR & Talent Management Certifications that own the highest credibility in the market.

1.    Associate Professional in Human Resources

Introduced by HR Certification Institute, APHR is a famed certification program in the HR industry that has been specially designed for freshmen who are in the commencing phase of their career and require a strong qualification to back them up in their journey to becoming an established HR leader someday.

Earning a certification from HRCI affixes you with integrity by providing you with the expertise and knowledge to add value to one’s business by being able to build world-class Talent Management Programs. And, as this particular course is framed for beginners, there is no special eligibility criteria and a mere high school diploma is more than enough to pursue it.

2.    Senior Talent Management Practitioner

Fabricated by the steeply reputed Talent Management Institute, (TMI) STMP is a communitive certification program that has been helping mid-career white-collar individuals to ascend in their professional lives by becoming worthy of crucial higher-level roles in the Talent Management realm.

These days, companies are looking for strong HR leaders with the capacity to anchor their distinct comprehensive talent strategies and by obtaining this certification, one can develop into a high-performing professional with the ability to become the apple of the eyes of recruiters worldwide.

3.    SHRM Senior Certified Professional

An innovative creation of The Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM-SCP is an informative certification program that is apt for senior professionals of the HR community with the responsibility on their shoulders to shape appropriate Talent Management Programs and link them to an organization’s objectives.

This is a remarkable course that helps one build a great character as an HR practitioner that holds the proficiency to form strategies, develop influence over the whole dominion, evaluate performance metrics and compose effectual learning & development sessions.