“What does it profit a man to gain the world, yet lose his soul”?

This was the question that Rhonda & Brian Swan, A.K.A. The Unstoppable Family had to ask themselves 15 years ago when faced with a decision to either, go back to their jobs, [after losing everything in the 2007/2008 financial crisis] or to go and seek out the meaning of UNSTOPPABLE as a family unit. One thing they realized is that you have all the answers inside yourself. You just need to ask yourself the right questions. You may not know how to get there, but trusting yourself that you’ll find a way is what makes it all possible.

The Unstoppable Family shows both the good and the challenging side of living an unconventional life. Being unstoppable means that you are open to new idea’s,  gaining confidence and allowing your inner voice to guide you. Deep inside yourself, you know that you can handle whatever life throws at you, its up to you to harness that fear into motivation.  

Teaching The World Through Her Eyes, Not A Text Book

Rhonda quit their corporate job back in 2004 to build a business on the internet, because she never wanted to put their new born baby in daycare. This was already an unconventional decision considering Rhonda knew nothing about the internet. ( social media hadn’t even been created yet) Rhonda also has an MBA and was groomed to run a large corporation, so quitting her high profile position was not something she had ever thought of, but there was something deep inside that pulled her closer to the new Freedom-Preneur life they live today.

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Did You Win The Lottery? No, We Lost Everything”

In 2008 they had a bad investment and lost everything in the real estate bubble and financial crisis. However, that situation didn’t push them to go back to their real jobs. Instead, they sold everything left they could, with $12,862 left to their name, they packed up Hanalei  (who was only one year old by that time) two laptops, and three surfboards and started their life over by exploring the world.

“The thought of going back to a 9-5 and putting my daughter in daycare crushed our soul, we wanted to raise her from experience over a textbook.”

They Became Freedom-Preneurs 

Being the founders of Freedom-Preneur Movement, ( which is now referred to being a digital nomad)  the Unstoppable family started their journey to change the worlds mindset that you don’t have to have a lot of money to pursue your dreams and follow your purpose.

The Freedom-Preneur mindset is to give someone ideas and empower them to challenge the way he or she thinks she has to make a living. Parents can build a safe and secure foundation for their kids by tapping into their gifts and learning how to leverage the digital economy.

The freedom-preneur movement was about clarity and building a brand around your gifts so that you can share them with the world and not have to rely on a paycheck or the system. 

Build The Unstoppable Branding Agency

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Working online and traveling wasn’t so easy from the start, with no social media they had to get creative with how they were selling products and services and turned to brand building and telling their story in hopes to inspire others around them.  

Working exclusively online for the last 15 years has given the Unstoppable Family a chance to live a life they only dream about. Now, they share and teach others how to be successful by building their personal brands, and telling their story and sharing their gifts. When you tap into your truest essence your brand becomes undeniably attractive. 

Because of this global knowledge and growing up learning about building a brand, Hanalei has built her own eco-friendly, fashion brand at the age of 8 years old. 

This family believes that everyone today  needs to build a brand, and give 5 Steps To Creating an UNSTOPPABLE BRAND, in her new book

 We believe everyone has a little unstoppable characteristics in them. As long as you believe that everything is possible and you take the right steps each day, you can do anything you want in life, you can BE Unstoppable in reaching your dreams. 

Meanwhile, the family takes pride in offering online training programs and live events for clients to elevate their brands. They want everyone to be blown away by their own experiences, for the last 5 years their VIP Branding Retreats have been hosted in Bali and the USA. You can learn more about their events  at Unstoppable Branding Agency website.

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 Rhonda says, “Unstoppable is part of my soul; it means standing up for what you believe.”

Are you ready to be unstoppable as well? 

If so, it’s for you to visit Unstoppablefamily.com or HanaleiSwan.com