Raw. Real. And very transparent are just a few words to describe the phenomenally – phenomenal, Giovanna Burgess Geathers. Definitely her “sistas keeper” and one with a mandate on her life to transform the minds of all who desire to be married. She’s doing so, one woman at a time. No stranger herself to putting in the work to have a successful career and marriage; that’s exactly why she keeps it real and dismantles the fairytale illusion that all one must do is look good, keep it spicy in the bed, and make great money! Giovanna credits her faith in God, and doing things God’s way to why her marriage has been great thus far. “Marriage is not easy. It takes work! It takes prayer. It takes constant communication”, says Giovanna. And she is absolutely right! Communication is the oxygen to any relationship.

In her highly anticipated book, Why Am I Still Single?, Giovanna helps the reader to discover what it is that may be holding one back from finding the love they may so desperately want and gives countless ways to identify unhealthy relationship patterns.

Giovanna is not one to just want the word author attached to her name. She sincerely cares about one well being and wants them to find long, satisfying marriages with their soul mate. Through the words on her pages understands that anything worth having has to be nourished and taken care of. Marriage, my friend, is work. This book is not just another “advice book”, but a tool. It’s a guide that one could use as a reference on how a great marriage should and can be.

Giovanna is an author, National Speaker, Owner & Lead Therapist at Touchstone Counseling & Coaching. She is happily married mother of two wonderful children. Connect with Giovanna:

Website : www.giovannageathers.com

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(This article was published in Sheen Magazine as well)


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    Fear less n less Coach

    Cheryl Peavy The Quiet Storm

    Dr.Cheryl Peavy is an international best-selling visionary & author, transformation coach and speaker who provides women with self-development tools to smack fear in the face, step into their purpose and achieve their inner desires of their heart.  Her coaching style of love, encouragement and support results in an abundance of personal growth & transformation.   Her 6-time best-selling books, “The Diary of a People Pleaser”, “Fabulous New Life Vol II’, “20 Beautiful Woman”, “The Woman Behind the Mask, “His Grace Is Sufficient” “Girl Get Up And Win” & “God Says I Am Battle-Scar Free, pt.4” has positively impacted over 1000 women.  As contributing writer for both, Miz CEO Entrepreneurial and Thrive Global magazines, she continues to share her message of helping women to love themselves, stomp out fear and achieve their ultimate dreams.   As founder & CEO of Cheryl Peavy, LLC, her purpose and passion is to help women facing life-traumatic situations heal within in.  Her style of coaching, guides, educates and inspires women to show up in their greatness and create the life of their dreams. She created a social media movement, “She Is You, I Am You”, encouraging and motivating women to see themselves through God’s eyes and not the worlds.   Cheryl’s proudest moment is being a mom to her wonderful & talented son, Christian and when she’s not serving her clients, she enjoys bowling, dancing and playing Pac-man.