We all have a special person in our life who makes our life easy and beautiful. I am happy to share the heartwarming story of kindness and love that I experienced during this time.

I am blessed to have the love, support and blessings of my mother. As the world was getting homebound during this time. The maximum onus of work in our home came on to our mother. She tended to the likes and preferences of family members-in terms of food choices, sleep patterns and work activities. She seamlessly kept the home environment happy, calm and joyful. She would start her day in the morning and hardly take any breaks. She is the pillar of strength and positivity.

As the world is under the effects of Covid. Our family also experienced the effects of Corona Virus when one by one each person in our house got fever and symptoms of cold and throat pain. During this time, it was our mother who tended to the needs and requirements of everyone. As always, she cooked the delicious food and served it on time to everyone. She would pray to God for wellness of all the family members. She would do the household chores happily without any trace of tension and weakness on her face. She demonstrated a calm and strong disposition even when her life partner was unwell and hospitalized. Her faith in God,love and care towards her husband made him well and fit soon.  She stood strong during this tough time and always gave her best smile and love to her children and grandchildren.

I would like to sum up the 5 main lessons:

  1. Faith in God- Praying to almighty for his blessings.
  2. Love & Care to your spouse – Staying strong when your partner is unwell
  3. Love to your children – Always caring even when they grow up
  4. Love to your grandchildren – Engaging in play and care giving
  5. Showing respect and love towards everyone – all human beings thrive on love and respect.

Once the pandemic is over, life will be different. We will again get busy with our work at our office locations. We may get less time to spend with our kids, parents and family. So, let’s cherish this moment and give our best time to our relationships and our family.

As the parable goes – This too shall pass. Let us savour each and every moment of our life. I express my gratitude to God, family and friends for the love and support I am bestowed upon.

Thank You Mummy for being a role model for me.