Hello everybody, I am writing about something I used to struggle with greatly being a military spouse — renting a home and frequently moving. Obviously, being a part of a military family means frequent relocations. Moreover, though it’s certainly not difficult to buy your own home, it’s at times more suitable and within your means to rent. Initially, all of this truly worried me. I grew up in the same household from birth until I left when I was 18, so I was used to having a “permanent resident”. So certainly, moving around and not possessing our home was not something I had essentially projected for my future.

While I am well conscious that there are many negative sides to renting a home some of which are no equity being built up, inadequate flexibility in terms of home makeover, etc. I have come to recognize that there is actually a benefit to renting a home and moving. I think I am able to actually appreciate and identify the positives being that I am a military wife and I frequently have to deal with sudden changes and inconvenient situations. If you have found yourself in this same position like me, you’re a tenant, you’re frequently moving, or both — I am here to let you know that there are advantages! Here are my three reasons I now love frequent moves and renting!

1. I have come to recognise I love change!

To some individuals, change can be frightening. I totally understand that, it was to me for a long time. Nevertheless, when I started being considerate about it, I realized that I truly love change as it makes life more interesting! As I stated, we stayed in the same house in my childhood, but that doesn’t certainly mean everything was always the same. Actually, because I had many family members, we were regularly swapping up rooms, reorganizing furniture and altering things up around the house to accommodate a growing family. As a result there was endless shuffling, I grew familiar to my settings being changed every few months or so. Currently, if my spouse and I are living in same home for too long, I get bored and sick of the stale surrounds.

The upside of renting: When you rent, for the most part you have a partial contract and can move when it’s done. Not like in a home of your own, where you are tied, when you rent you have the choice of freely moving from place to another. Change is a good, refreshing thing.

2. New spaces mean new decorative encounters and motivation!

Particularly because rented homes often have rules of remodelling and renovating, decorating can sometimes be a difficult. Whether it’s the limited of space or tricky room designs, when you rent a home you have to be able to work with, or around the foundation that is presently there. Yes, this brings about a huge decorative task. You cannot automatically take one home and put it accurately how it was set up into another. Nonetheless, that has made me to stretch myself creatively and think outside the box with regards to home decoration! Not every space can harbour the same furnishings, so each new rental means a new opportunity to switch it up. Currently I have relocated to New Delhi and I have opted to rent furniture and home appliances in Delhi NCR. It’s amazing to have such kind of businesses that makes life easier. While at times that can be really scary, it is also particularly redemptive knowing that I don’t have to endure within the limitations of one theme or another for my home.

Wherever you go, even if the layout is different, you can become motivated and make your new house your home. I’ve resolved to add furnishings on the wall such as galleries, cork boards, you name it! I also decided that I will be also renting furniture items only for one specific rental that I perhaps won’t want to move with.

3. I don’t reserve things I don’t need.

Shifting so often into rent homes means that we do not keep things we don’t need. One of my crucial things to do before moving is to list of all the things we have as we pack and made sure we included the best waterproof tents in the list of things to carry along as it was very important to us for camping.If we don’t need something or we haven’t used it in a while or if it isn’t our style any longer, we throw it get rid of it. We don’t have a junk yard full of stuff we don’t need since we always have to shift home every few years and go through it all. I love that feeling! Since it not only does it help us stay organized, it really helps us reduce the amount of stuff we have.

All in all…
I love changes, I like being dared creatively and I hate disorder! If you have found yourself in a state similar to my mine, I inspire you to be enthusiastic about the idea of renting and the prospect of shifting to new places. Just like everything else in life, you can decide to be happy or you can choose to be miserable. I choose happiness, I choose to rent.