The music can also be a great ally in the fight against stress, especially the classics, the new age and relaxation music. Music is demonstrably a mood changer and reliever as it works on many levels at once.

All our bodies, from the physical, through the emotional, mental and spiritual, as well as the chakras, which respond specifically to certain vibrations and frequencies that are influenced by sounds.

The first change we may notice when listening to relaxing music, for example, or music that touches our heart, is the deepening of breathing. From this deepening, the production of serotonin , the hormone responsible for our well-being and happiness, also accelerates. Combining music with relaxation therapy is highly productive for the entire nervous system as heart rate slows and body temperature balances. 

Whenever you can, put music into your routine: working, driving or any other activity, as stress can be significantly reduced.

If you’re pregnant, play relaxing music or ambient classical music, your baby will thank you. 

Music can also be a stressful experience, for that reason, you should choose music that has a good frequency that is relaxing and de-stressing. Pay attention and, to relax, choose the one that best suits you. Look for the answer in your body, because it was proven, after many researches related to music therapy, that there are some songs recorded for the practice of meditation, which has an adverse effect, as bad as a heavy rock.

Nothing against heavy rock, but for relaxation it is obviously not recommended. And obviously, each song moves differently for each of us.

To eliminate stress, there are a few different ways to use music:

Do a sound bath for approximately 20 minutes. Put on some relaxing music and lie down in a comfortable position. Using headphones, the experience deepens.

Choose music that has a slow pace, slower than your heartbeat. Songs with a repeating pattern have this function. You can find such music on YouTube or you can use a YouTube downloader to listen the same song in Mp3.

As the music plays, let it play all over your body, as if it passes over you, sweeping away all the stress of the day. 

Focus on your breathing and make it deeper, slower and more regular. Focus on the silence between the music notes; in this way, relaxation can become more complete.

If you’re low on energy after your workday, choose faster music instead of relaxing and soothing music. Turn up the volume and dance as much as you can and want; move your body! Just follow the beat of the music and move your body. Your vital energy will be renewed.

When you have a difficult day, full of problems, choose a song that you know and like. Familiarity will generate tranquility.

When hiking, do it while listening to music. Breathe in and out in tune with the music and let yourself go with it. This way you will combine exercise, pictures and music, which can have a wonderful effect on your bodies.

Listening to the sounds of nature can also be highly relaxing. When you’re at sea or in the mountains, pay attention to the sounds around you for at least 15 minutes in silence, just listening to the sounds of nature, the effects are healing.