When you’re a go-getter and always have a million and one things going on at once, it’s critical to take a break from time to time. Taking a break can be challenging, however, because we always feel like we have so much to do. It’s a bit of a condundrum! Still, if we do take the time to slow down, we can get back to it more powerful than ever.

I personally slowed down as much as possible during the holiday season and I’m so glad that I did. It allowed me to catch up on rest, formulate my goals and plans for 2024, and think more clearly about what I want moving forward. Hitting the reset button was just what I needed and I’m sure that it can help you as well.

Here are a few ways that you can hit the reset button in your own life:

  • Schedule a day off (and away from your devices). When you let your mind wander, fresh ideas and new energy wanders in. Schedule a day out of the office (home or otherwise) to enable your brain to reset.
  • Go away for the weekend. When you are away from the everyday, you have a chance to relax, recharge, and start anew. Going away for even just a day or two can do wonders for your mindset.
  • Take advantage of slow work-cycles. One of the reasons that I was able to take so much time off during the holiday season is that it is one of my slowest times at work. As such, it was a perfect time for me to also slow down, change my batteries, and get a fresh perspective on 2024.
  • Enroll in a class and learn a new skill. During my reset, I enrolled in an interesting course to gain more technical knowledge. Doing so gave my intellect something to look forward to and provided me with an opportunity to take a fresh look at things that I am already familiar with.
  • Set aside a day for brainstorming. Just the process of doing so can really help you reset and gain a renewed sense of focus.
  • Work in a fresh location. I always find that working from a different spot, even if only temporarily, grants me a little extra vigor as I launch into my daily routine.
  • Mix it up. Whenever we change the way that we do things, whether it be the order or the process, we make it new and somehow more exciting.
  • Reward yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up in our routine that we become less aware of our progress and how far we’ve come. Stop every now and then and check in on your momentum. Reward yourself for your efforts and accomplishments to date. I’m sure that they are numerous and that there will be many more to come after you do so.
  • Read a new book. Nothing quite helps to hit the refresh button like bringing in different perspectives. Reading a book is a wonderful way to introduce new ideas and expand your brain!

The new year is the perfect time to hit the reset button on your life and move forward with extra passion and zeal! Use these methods and watch yourself recharge in no time at all.