Have you ever wondered what’s so special about you? Or rather have you thought, maybe there’s nothing special about you? Isn’t it easier to think somebody is better in one way or another? They might have the perfect nose or always nail life’s three-point shots. Have you believed that when you’re successful you’ll be valuable? When you have a lot of money you will be worth something? 

When we were kids our parents used to ask us what we want to be when we grow up. As if knowing that would be valuable and would show us who we are. If you wanted to be a firefighter, a teacher or a doctor that was acceptable and even favored because it said you cared about others. If you said you wanted to be a lawyer some would be ok with that and some would not. If you said you wanted to be an artist or a journalist your parents might have said why don’t you go for a real job. Rarely were we encouraged to be happy and do what we loved to do. 

What if I told you the value of you had nothing to do with what you do, or who you’re with, or how much money you have or don’t have? Would you believe me?

Beginning to uncover the true value of you can start when you practice these 5 Elements of Intimacy from Access Consciousness:

Honoring You

Honoring you is to treat yourself with regard. What if every day you were to treat yourself the same way you treat your favorite person? What if you were the most valuable product of your life? What would you do for you?

Maybe it is taking an hour a day just for you just for fun. Or, perhaps it is allowing yourself to do your favorite activity. Like taking a bath, reading a good book or going for a walk in the woods. Doing whatever it is that fills you up first before tackling the rest of your to do list.

Trusting Yourself

Do you trust you? Did you know trust is not blind faith? It is however, knowing what you know and not questioning your awareness. Like when you have that feeling that you really shouldn’t go home with that person and you’ve had one too many cocktails to care. The next morning you wake up and realize you knew that wasn’t going to work out so well from the start. 

Now I’m not saying that you then beat yourself up for what you choose. But rather using that choice to encourage you to maybe listen to your awareness the next time. 

Trusting yourself is following your knowing in your gut even if it doesn’t make sense in your head. 

Being Vulnerable

What is true vulnerability? Most people think that being vulnerable means they are in danger or at risk in some way. What if the opposite was true? What if keeping the walls and barriers to protect yourself is what actually keep you separate from everything? Walls limit what you can receive from you and for you. True vulnerability is the willingness to be aware and receive from everything. 

Let’s try a little exercise. Just for a moment, take your deepest barriers down, even the ones you don’t know about. You can push them down, destroy and uncreate them, whatever works for you. (Don’t worry if you really want them back you can put them back up in a minute.) But for now, can you perceive how much more aware you could be? How much more does the Earth desire to gift you? How much more joy and ease would your body like to receive? How much more does the Universe desires to contribute to you? All you have to do is be vulnerable enough to receive.

Allowance of You

Probably the biggest place I see people get stuck is comparing themselves to others and judging where they are in life. They believe that just because someone is rich, successful, or famous they must have made it. Would you like to know a little secret? There are not very many people out there that truly believe they have figured anything out or arrived anywhere. 

What if you had allowance for everything you are and everything you are not? What if you stopped judging you and allowed you to be you without trying to fit in or be someone else? Might that be what allowance for you is all about?

Gratitude for YOU

What is one thing you have always wanted to change about you? I’m going to go out on a limb here and ask what do you think is the quickest was to change it? What if I told you the quickest way to change anything is being grateful for where you are? 

Let’s say you desire to be a better dancer. Could you get better by sheer will alone?  Absolutely. However, what if there was an easier way? What if you could be grateful for where you are and how far you have come? Do you think that might attract more of what you desire into your life?

Would you be willing to spend just three minutes a day acknowledging you and being grateful for you? In that, you just might begin to see there really is value in you just being you.

In short, finding the value of you is way easier than you think. You just have to choose to be you, no matter what, and value your own being. When you are willing to be the most valuable product of your own life you begin to recognize that you are a gift just by being who you are. Sure, there will still be times when people don’t understand you. Regardless you can trust that you know what you know and have your own back. And even as weird and wacky as you might be sometimes you find gratitude for everything that makes you uniquely you. Perhaps then you will discover what Hafiz so beautifully said, ‘The real blessing of this world, is simply, you having ever been.’