Recently, there has been a comparison of ‘the wall’ to ‘the wheel’ – those who oppose the border wall call it medieval and those who are for the wall point out that the wheel is also medieval.

The idea that just because an invention is old doesn’t mean it is bad seems sound to me – yet doesn’t take into account that the use of objects evolves as our understanding evolves.

Over time the use of the wheel has greatly evolved – as has the use of walls. We no longer live in forts with moats to protect ourselves because we’ve come to understand how counterproductive it is to close ourselves in with little or no understanding of those we are trying to keep out.

The border wall is symbolic for how we now want to go forward.

If we go forward by going backward to the building of a wall we then choose fear, division, an us vs them kind of old thinking – and we box ourself into a very small world with little understanding of those we are trying to keep out.

If we go forward by implementing ‘border protocol’ which reflects a deeper understanding of compassion and unity we then open ourself up to the greater possibilities for the learning and enriching that can happen on both sides of the border.