The water is wide and high


                                       Storms are no fun.  When you experience a rain event where you have five or more inches of rain, it is a big deal.  Of course, catastrophic amounts of rain witnessed with Hurricane Harvey and recently in Nebraska only further highlights the vulnerabilities communities face regarding a changing climate.

                                          Not too long ago, there was a man who was very active in a local social justice organization.  He would attend community organizing meetings faithfully. On more than one occasion, he would complain that when it rained his front yard would be full of water.  Then was the day when he couldn’t attend one of the meetings. His friends contacted him and asked

                                            “ Why didn’t you attend the meeting ?

                                           He replied,

                                             “ I couldn’t get to the meeting because the water was almost up to my porch. “

                                             Not long afterwards there was a movement to solve the water collection problem in his neighborhood.

                                            Why is it that some humans wait until there is an impending disaster before any action is taken on a problem ?

                                             Environmentalist, Author and Journalist Bill McKibben has written:

                                      “ Americans, for instance, said in 2017 that they were willing to see their energy bills rise 15% and have the money spent on clean energy programs – that’s about in line with the size of the carbon taxes that national groups have been campaigning for.”  

To stop global catastrophe, we must believe in humans again | Bill ……/stop-global-catastrophe-believe-humans-again-geoengi…

                                         There are more reports regarding further melting of permafrost in the Artic, in Greenland, longer periods of frost and growing seasons.

                                           Even beloved Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast is now endorsing gradual erosion and deterioration.

Erosion is changing the face of Haystack Rock in … –…/erosion-is-changing-the-face-of-haystack-rock-in-can…

                          Why is it that we cannot get more concerned citizens to fight for legislation and policies that will advocate for a cleaner and healthier earth? Humans cannot afford to be complacent and listen to the voices that will say    “ Oh don’t worry, we’ll all  be dead by then “

                            The dying process is occurring now, and it is affecting our planet and our home.

                             We don’t have to wait until the water reaches our porch.

                              We can act now and fight for a better outcome for the environment and for all life.

                             Our future depends upon it, for us and for those who follow us.

                            May it be so.