There is a case that you feel that you are abandoned. It seems that your best friends and family don’t love and accept you anymore. Just be careful because there is a possibility that you are suffered from a mental illness known as wounds of the soul. All of us need to keep conscious knowledge about the wounds of the soul that blocks us. Let’s talk about this mental illness as well as the way to treat it right away to prevent any unwanted actions.

About Wounds of the Soul

Wounds of the soul are emotional pain. The pain was coming from the past event, especially from a failed relationship whether with parent, family, friends, and environment. It feels that you are not loved and accepted by your surrounding anymore. As a result, there is something in your soul that incomplete and unsatisfied. You might feel lonely, abandonment, rejection, betrayal, and any kind of negative things.

The Impact of Wounds of the Soul

It is important to fix this kind of mental illness. If it is not, you will be unhappy with your life. This is because you are living in unacceptance. Let say, it seems that all people don’t accept you because you are not important. Moreover, your condition might disturb your surrounding such as your parent, family, and friends because they don’t really know about your mental problem. There is also a case that it seems that you don’t have any problem at all. In this case, your ego refuses that you have a wound. That’s why you choose to create a mask to hide the wound. You feel that you are okay but actually, you still keep hide the wounds.

Types of the Wounds of the Soul

There are several types of wounds of the soul that block us. For example, there is a case that you are suffered from the wound of abandonment where you feel that you left behind and being abandoned. You might create a mask that you are a dependent person. On the other hand, you cry easily, mourning, dramatize stuff, or try to get people’s attention by asking for advice without following it. There is also the wound of rejection where you feel refused or rejected by the surrounding. Commonly, it happens in children who are refused by their parent. As a result, you often create your own imaginary world to make it more comfortable. You can also suffer from betrayal wound where someone breaks their promise to you. People who are suffered from this wound often want to control everything and don’t want to be seduced. Anytime you reveal a fact that someone lies, you will be angry.   

The Way to Cure the Wounds of the Soul

You can fix your feeling by using a specific method known as hypnosis. An expert hypnotherapist tries to help you to find the root of your wound of the soul first. Then, he or she tries to give a specific treatment so you can accept your condition without hiding the wounds anymore. You can visit a specific website such as well-therapy to learn more about how hypnosis helps to cure the wounds of the soul.