When you have a mental condition, it may be quite lonely and isolating. The voice in your brain that is continually knocking you down through negative ideas is known as the inner critic. That is why it is so vital for those suffering from depression to communicate with those who are going through the same thing. This is particularly true during the winter months when depression is very severe for many people.

If you are suffering from depression, you should realize that you are not by yourself.  The Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that depression affects over 15 million individuals in the United States each year. The fact that you are dealing with this mental health illness might cause you to feel terrible at times, but it does not have to completely take over your existence.

Here are some tips from Brian C Jensen-

A network of people to lean on

In addition to medicine and treatment, one of the essential things you can do to help yourself with depression is to build a strong social network.

Developing closer relationships with friends and family may be one way to achieve this goal for individuals. Knowing that you can rely on supportive family and friends to provide a hand can go a long road ahead towards alleviating depression.

Exercise on a regular basis

Exercising has a wide range of health advantages, which we are all well aware of. Was it ever brought to your attention that it may also be a helpful means of coping with depression and anxiety?

Physical activity may assist you in achieving a feeling of purpose, which can help you feel less stressed as well as happier overall. Brian C Jensen says that it is essential to engage in moderate physical activity on a daily basis in order to maintain control over your mood, sleep pattern, as well as physical health.

Exercise has been shown to have numerous benefits for those dealing with depression, whether that is preventing the occurrence of depressive thoughts, feeling better as a result of the release of endorphins, increasing resiliency against those other factors that might also contribute to the onset of a depressive episode, or assisting sufferers in finding a healthy balance in their lives, among other things.

Taking a Nature Walk

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air on a sunny, chilly day by dressing in layers such as a heavy jacket, a sweater, and comfy shoes. As Brian C Jensen says take pleasure in the little things that surround you, such as the birds singing, the wind flowing through your hair, and the crunching of leaves under your feet. Whenever walking or bicycling, take a little time to soak up the warmth of sunlight whenever feasible. Take regular, deep breaths and savor the time you have with the natural environment.

Consult with a therapist

Talk therapy is a proven way of treating depression and other mental illnesses. Therapists can assist you in better understanding your depression and teaching you new coping skills during one-on-one appointments with a therapist.

 In your counseling sessions, do not be afraid to be entirely open and honest with yourself and others. Unlike a court, your therapist is meant to assist you rather than judge you.