The decoration of the color, red, is more profound than a fashionable statement. So often, people forget that love is one of the most precious symbols of the color. Love and courage are ancient reflections of such a coloring. Looking to Indigenous (and Native) communities as one source of inspiration, they understand the nature of the coloring, as a representation of the people. For the people come from the land, and the land is our first teacher. If only the whole of humanity understood this. If only people came to realize that our scholarship (and scholastic endeavors) are not separate from the land. Too bad “civilization” has come to mean that humanity is “superior” to the very foundation, which births us all. It’s the typical human ignorance (and ego), which keeps us stuck in a lower human experience. Our human experience would be much more vibrant if we saw Earth as a gift to be treasured, rather than a domain to be ruled over.

Back to the color, red. It is audacious. Boisterous. Gentle. Tender. Songs have been written about such a color. There are those rarities, which dares to write about the spiritual essence in wearing the color, red. So often, people comment on its fashionable aesthetics. Yet, so few have yet to comment on its spiritual relation.

When bringing the message of red’s cultural (and spiritual), modern pop culture also has its place. As always, it takes a special dame of the musical persuasion to convey of its artistic depth. So, here’s to the red jacket. It truly brings an awakened beat, doesn’t?

The song is a hidden treasure of genius in so many ways. For starters, it takes ancient wisdom of Indigenous culture and connects it to a modern, fashionable trait. The very title, “Red Jacket” can be relatable to the younger generation. Simultaneously, it’s the lyrics, which can pique their interest. Question: What are the teachings, concerning the color, red? The lyrics paint it all, and paint it, so very well.

Oh, Red Jacket, you were right-

Stars are in the ground

And there is dirt in the sky

Oh Red jacket, you were right-

We call in a vision

We are your children

We have trusted like children

Like we’re meant to be

We keep love alive, through suffering

When you are an Earthly woman, the color red is made synonymous with Earth’s soil. It is from the riches of the soil, in which Earth ? has been given a plethora of natural abundance. The vegetation, minerals-it has all been made fresh and with the comforts of one’s enduring nature. Over and over again, we are moving through, and cultivating the soil. There are those, who work with it, daily. In fact, it’s all part of their work. The farmers. The agriculturists. The naturalists. In fact, it’s all part of their work and reason for being on this Earth. And then, there are those, who move through it everyday, without any understanding of just how involved they are with nature. They are the ones, who truly need the wake-up call.

We are your children

We have trusted like children

Like we’re meant to be

We keep love alive, through suffering

When speaking about being “your children,” could it be in reference to Mother Earth? After all, we are dependent on her for every facet of our lives-whether we are aware of it or not. Whether we care to be aware, or not. That’s all part of the design.

What now, what now?

We demand the new song

That’s been coming on

That is coming on

What now, what now?

Rebuild the fire of the old ways

Come together a beautiful way

Way too often, the concept of a fire ?has been synonymous as a negative. And yet, there are beautiful principles when it comes to a fire. Fires keep the homeless warm at night. Fires are used for cooking. They even provide a source of light in the shade of darkness. Such is one of the more positive attributes of a fire. When respected, they serve as places (and spaces) of refuge and protection. When respected, it’s a jewel of Earth’s paradise; a very important jewel, to say the least.

Those crying for a vision

Look to the ones

Who tell us now

And decide now!

Oh, Red Jacket, you were right

There’s waste in precious grounds

And dirt in the sky

We all have a little more time

We can choose new vision

Believe in sacred fires

Should we come to interpret this a little more, is it possible to state that the Red Jacket is our personal wearing of Earth’s red soil-her red fire? ? Is that possible? It would be worth a try. The only difference is that now, we are making the wearing of the Earth a fashion trend. Now, we are able to do that. Furthermore, this time we can do it for the current (and younger) generations. It’s time to bring them closer to Earth’s domain.

It takes those red-colored women to be up to the task. For, they are the symbol of that essence of courage, which moves us into higher skies. And, they are connected with that Universal blackness of knowledge and mystery. It is intricate. It is Divine.

When these red-spirited beauties take on a musical persuasion, they are granted access into the very embodiment of the journey we should be on. For, the Earth is a body of love’s fruition. And, it takes extreme courage to bring a bountiful, harvest.

Brianna Lea Pruett