Many directions of perception or misperception swirling in and out. The illusions leading you astray from your desired destination. Don’t go back to find your way.

Work through each strand as a helping hand to rediscover your greatest connection.

Each radiating line like a droplet of light leading you to dissolve your falsehood. Each silk like thread proportionally spaced for a balance to the next space. Each strand acting like a bridge to lead the way.

“The webs we weave are like little strands of light leading the way” ~Michelle Irene

Showing you a better way. A different way. A happier fulfilling way.

Each little strand of light leading the way to a greater understanding of truth.

“Every experience in light is an experience of love.”

As the net will catch you when you fall as Light knows nothing other than love. Lift your eyes to find the next light your angels leave on your path.

Follow this light. Follow the next strand. Weave it with love in your heart and worthiness in your mind.

Do not believe what you are not. Do not live in that state of illusion.

You hear it.

You feel it. You see it. You create the dialog. You create the interpretation.

You create the meaning. Therefore you can design your reality:

A. with your web spinning out of control through fear-based stories as you continue to run away


B. in a beautifully knit web with love-based thoughts walking in light.

Keep spinning forward as you shift from fear to love leaving the strands of time behind.

Which web do you choose to weave?