David Annakie

According to David Annakie, founder of BioLife Health and Wellness, the food we consume does not always provide all the nutrients necessary for healthy living. Furthermore, for lower-income families, access to healthy foods can be even more limited. Lack of nutrition can contribute to low energy, decreased productivity, and an inability to focus. Even more dire consequences may include obesity, diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension and much more. Unfortunately, most people’s daily diet includes processed food, and overconsumption of carbohydrates and sugar, unhealthy fats. This diet may lead to a deficiency of proper vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential to maintain a healthy and energetic body. The organic

Although he was born in Jamaica, Annakie immigrated to New York at a young age. Growing up he was keenly aware of the lack of knowledge regarding proper nutrition that seemed to be prevalent in his community. Although Annakie went on to experience immense success in his professional life, he has never forgotten the community that raised him. As an adult, Annakie has always been committed to a healthy diet and exercise routine and so he was shocked to learn that he was at risk for borderline being diabetic.

Fortunately, he had access to a medical professional who was able to make this observation before it was too late and Annakie was able to make the necessary lifestyle changes to get his health back on track. However, a lot of people are not so lucky. At this point, Annakie is a broadcaster, and hosts a popular radio show that he owns , LinkUp Radio 93.5FM WVIP, and educates listeners on matters of finance, real estate, and law by way of guest attorneys, Mortgage Banks and more. Armed with a desire to educate his multicultural audience about the importance of proper nutrition, he began to study nutrition, he eventually became a certified nutrition coach, teamed up with renowned Biochemist Michael Combs of Colorado to formulate vitamins and mineral products that targets deficiencies and began introducing health and wellness segments. A year later, he created BioLife Health and Wellness, with the mission to produce health supplements and education resources aimed at helping individuals live a more healthy life.  Annakie notes that the Biolife Products and education resources are not cures or answers to diseases, illnesses or ailments but are definitely there to give the human body the vitamins, minerals and more to maintain and promote better health. 

BioLife health and wellness provides organic nutritional supplements that improve energy and immunity, contribute to overall wellness, and can even prevent chronic illness. They are committed to using only the best, most natural products. This includes their use of natural vegetable glycerin, which is an alternative to alcohol and other harmful preservatives used in liquid extracts. Their innovative cold-press extraction method allows them to protect the natural compounds found in their nature. Furthermore, their production method protects beneficial enzymes, vital nutrients, and plant constituents that are essential for optimal nutrition, all at an affordable price, accessible to all. 

It’s almost 2 decades now, and David Annakie and his team at Biolife Health and Wellness recognize that individuals will continue to have a variety of health and life goals. They are committed to helping their customers meet and surpass those goals. Their products range from vitamins and supplements to protein powder and skin care. Customers can browse by products and more on their website. The products are premium, with top notch organic ingredients while also being affordable and coming out of Facilities that conform to strict FDA guidelines. Regardless of race, culture or income, or health goals, BioLife Health and Wellness has something for everyone.