Why “Naturally Intelligent by Design”?

Why this book? Why now?

The “Naturally Intelligent by Design” book is important because we live on a beautiful, diverse, culturally and ecologically rich planet, Earth.

But for most of us, this is NOT our lived experience on Earth, today.

It is time to reclaim our natural intelligence and to recreate a more sensitive, reflective, considerate, harmonious relationship to our natural world and to one another. Why not look to the natural intelligence of animals from around the world who have adapted over millennia to changes in climate, environment, and one another in community to guide us on our path toward natural brilliance?

It’s worth a shot because like it or not; we are bond to this earth from our birth, our DNA ’s tied to the sands across many colorful lands… Plus, there is really no where else for us to go, you know. So, I figure why not make the best of what clean air, water, and soil we have here; learn treat one another— as well, our animal kin, as if every one of us were quite dear… because we are and we can’t go far without one another and the rhythms of our mother earth as our guiding star.

And so, as the threat and reality of economic disparity, homelessness, mass migration, natural disaster (record fires, floods, hurricanes-you name it), political turmoil (as never before, obvious examples), greater carbon pollution (now at 403 ppm, highest in 800,000 years), extraordinary species loss (52% of mammalian wildlife in the last century)… swell; let’s NOT dwell on darkness and death, but rather decide as one humanity– un-divide to choose a different future fate for the only place in the universe we can acclimate. (Sci Facts cf. Andrew Steer, WRI, 2018)

What do you say? Is there any other way?

Clearly, as we continue to shape our environment, future, and day-day; the erosion of natural intelligence among us has reached a critical point of play. In our fast-pace, gadget-driven, increasingly virtual world; we risk losing our soul-connection to our INNATE selves, our earth-connection to our NATURE selves, and our culture-connection to our NATIVE selves.

We risk that our actions are driven not by what we know to be right, healthy, true, and good for all; but rather by what seems functionally more convenient, even though it will be the cause of our eventual evolutionary fall. We risk that our activity and unabated earth urbanization be driven solely by cost-efficiencies and financial gain, while largely ignoring the sustainable, long-term health, and ecological pain.

Is there any other way? What do you say?

Let’s take the first step to awaken our natural intelligence, today!!!!

In our culturally more diverse world, also now on the move; greater consideration and compassion for one another and greater attention to cultural wisdom will be vital for our continued survival as bioregional communities thriving together in a world that must now operate as globally tribal.

Do you agree?

Then, let’s together, decree it’s time to awaken our natural intelligence in the world, today! Join our Kickstarter community and campaign for the first print run of our book.


  • Catherine Cunningham, PhD

    Mission Possible: Awaken Natural Intelligence in Our World

    Natural Intelligence

    Dr. Catherine Cunningham, PhD is an ecologist, anthropologist, writer, filmmaker, and media host producing films, interactive experiences, and online multimedia for international clients who are focused on positive economic, social, and environmental win-win-win solutions to global conservation and climate change.

    Catherine has travelled, written, photographed, and filmed in 70 countries, producing creative films and music videos in support the UN Global Goals and the human+nature planetary health narrative. Visit Natural Intelligence.com to see where her work has premiered internationally. Over 20 years, she has interviewed hundreds of global thought leaders to promote sustainable solutions to climate change and conservation in creative ways. Catherine has written numerous articles on climate change, nature, and regeneration. She’s currently writing two books: “Naturally Intelligent by Design” — a fine art science and culture book for families and “Natural Intelligence”— a guidebook for well-navigating a post COVID-19 world by following nature’s principles. Partnering with Eurovision News and Events, Catherine is also an independent media host— producing content on nature, climate, and regeneration; syndicated globally by EuroVision’s News Direct. She is a regular contributor to Thrive Global and Medium. She currently produces communications for the Prince Albert II Foundation and participates in programming @ the World Economic Forum on Climate Change, Nature, and Biodiversity. As an university educator, Catherine taught undergraduate and masters courses in corporate sustainability communications at Arizona State University; global sustainability at Chapman University; biology, ecology, botany, and environmental science at Denver State College and Front Range College. In 2016, she designed one of the first university courses on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (also online), contributing to youth action on the UN Global Goals. She also created a post-graduate program with UNESCO on the MAB (Man the Biosphere) reserves. Catherine earned her PhD in Ecosystem Science at ETHZ in Switzerland, studying climate impacts on mountain ecosystems. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Cultural Anthropology and International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame and a Masters degree from Utah State in Ecology. Catherine speaks fluent English and conversational Italian. She loves creative collaboration, media production, mountaineering, outdoor sports, yoga, wellness, and travel.