In life we all are trying to grasp and find our purpose and a reason in our life to be successful. Success makes a person feel good and feel like they have value, sometimes the journey is like a roller coaster full of ups and downs along the way. Overcoming life’s struggles, obstacles and burdens along the way can be stressful and may not be easy for some people but once you find your passion it is easier. I am Christopher Michael Cooper and I learned first hand about this. But I learned from it, made some changes and have had some success since I have made these life changes. I have learned some valuable lessons in life. From dying from addiction several times after ten years of struggling with addiction, to graduating trade school and signing recording contracts with my music and design company. Some of these lessons I learned along the way make me want to share my story and advice,which is why I wrote this article.

Statistics say that your average number of successes is the product of the number of attempts you make to succeed. Having The heart, desire, belief, determination,decision, focus and resolve to be all you are made to be is the key to succeeding in life. So the story goes, When I turned eighteen years old I left mom and dad’s house thinking, I new it all and could make it on my own in life because I am eighteen and boy was I wrong. I wish I could go back, but I can’t. As soon as I left at eighteen thinking these thoughts, I was trapped in addiction for ten years. I made several attempts to quit my addiction in those ten years but never succeeded until 26 years old. All the attempts I made in these ten years, is how I eventually got sober and had some success later. And no it was not easy, yes it was very hard work and took multiple attempts.This proves the statistic that your average number of successes is the product of the attempts you make to succeed is very true. The biggest piece of advice I can give is to find what you love to do, that which is worth making sacrifices to accomplish, make the necessary changes and pursue an education. In conclusion, my point being is to never stop trying, never stop pushing, never give up. It is good to have the will to win in life. Now go get your success, never give up and never give in.