So much of what we’re focused on these days, as women seeking wellness, is how to coax fabulousness back to the surface. We used to have it, this feeling of wow, that the world is ours for the taking. But that feeling has been suppressed lately. Not anymore. The energy we seek, the experience of wonder we can thrive in, is still there, locked inside. By focusing on releasing pent-up internal energy, we can change our focus, our outlook, and our ability to turn our world on with a smile (kudos to Sonny Curtis, the songwriter who captured that feeling back in 1970 with Love is All Around, the theme to The Mary Tyler Moore show).

How to coax that existing energy to the surface becomes the challenge. It might be easier than you think.

First, an energy primer: Everything in the universe is comprised of energy. We humans are beings of energy: chemical and electrical, positive and negative. It can come from an outside source, like the sun, or nature. According to Stephen Coombs, a student of energy: There are “energy pockets around the world where greater external energies reside sometimes due to the energy left by human attention these are sacred grounds of churches, wells, standing stones, pyramids. The more natural sources are mountains, waterfalls, forests, the sea or streams.”

Energy can also be found inside. If we explore our inner selves – our feelings and emotions – and find ways to bring that energy out, we can harness it for our own enhancement. Many people turn to meditation or yoga. Some enjoy a hypnotic sound bath. These are forces that work to unleash what’s inside in order to release an energy field – an aura. With that release, you reach a higher-conscious level that is spiritual in nature. It’s the new age of Aquarius, a time often associated with idealism, modernization, humanity, freedom, and electricity to name a few. It is a time of taking control, and of embracing your destiny.

This kind of energy helps us to understand who we are and what we are inside. This comes from an almost physical awareness of our brains as it relates to our souls and our spirit. With energy we have the opportunity to learn so much about how our brains operate, what forces make us think or feel a certain way. How do we find this kind of energy? How do we feel the buzz?

Working with zero-point energy tools can help provide an acknowledgement that living organisms are influenced by subtle energy fields. A Beamer is such a tool, a machine that works to physically and psychically move energy around both inside and outside the body. It taps into the micro-currents of our body’s systems and lets us live inside a high-resonance, bio-energetic system. This, in turn, enables the body to shift its energetic mode to a higher and healthier vibration, one that you can feel, one that comes from touch. My team and I have recently started doing just that.

Think of it this way: when you have your hair cut, have a manicure, or a massage, someone is touching you, and there is an instant vibe that happens. A sense of energy you can feel that’s part of the overall beautifying experience.

It’s very new age but it’s also the key to wellness, and to feeling fabulous.

So embrace the feeling, the vibe, and the buzz. Its name is energy. And it’s beautiful.