I have had the privilege of experiencing the power, capability, and strength of an all-female environment. While attending an all girls’ high school, I witnessed the ambition, resilience, and success generated by a female-only community. I saw success in the classroom personally and with my classmates, due to an unparalleled support system that fostered a commitment to working hard and doing well. The school was completely vested in encouraging us to fully meet our potential. I saw dominance on the athletic fields and the competitive, yet team-oriented spirit of girls who were devoted to being caring, supportive teammates. I saw a commitment to giving back and improving the conditions of nearby communities. I saw a school, composed of girls from diverse origins, varying in skills, passions, talents, and goals. I witnessed an environment of all-girls that bred leaders in all aspects of life. Alumnae were the women who went on to become talented and renowned film directors and producers, engineers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, and lawyers. This all-girls environment fostered a community where weakness, laziness, and inferiority were unfamiliar. Instead, success, intelligence, determination, positivity, care, and compassion were ever-present. From my time at an all-girls school, I was convinced that women are just as capable as men. In fact, when comparing my time at a co-ed school, to my time at my all-girls school, the environment was considerably more challenging, demanding, and in return, successful.

Yet, a reality in this world is that people do not always recognize the immense capability possessed by females. They have not experienced a single-sex education. They go through life oblivious to the power of an all-female community. They do not get to see the numerous, impressive things that my fellow classmates accomplished. Perhaps, because of this, they do not realize the potential females have if unrestrained by gender norms. In today’s society, the most talented females in their jobs are known as “great female businesswomen, or great female athletes, or great female entrepreneurs,” they are not known as great businessmen, athletes, or entrepreneurs. The word “female” is always attached or noted. However, I believe that the film Wonder Woman has the ability to change that.

This movie portrayed women as relentless in their pursuit of any goal, yet all the while remaining nurturing and loving. It showed women as resilient and brave, capable of being leaders. The female “warriors” displayed in Wonder Woman were not intimidated by the presence of men and did not shy away from difficulty. Instead, they took matters into their own hands, trusted their instincts and skills, and took on the world. Wonder Woman proceeded to follow what she believed, even when her beliefs were contested. By remaining loyal to her instincts and theories, she ended up victorious. This film tells the story of my high school experience. It highlighted the success generated from empowered women.

This film enables the world to experience the power and ability of an all-female environment. It portrays successful females who are unwilling to be swayed from action or commitment. The film sends an inspiring message to other women, that they must embrace themselves and trust that they are capable of success. They do not need to be told what to do or how to do it by men; they are instinctually powerful and able. Women, even though they possess maternal instincts, are just as powerful, just as strong, and just as brave as men. In fact, by combining all of these attributes with the tendency to be loving and caring, women can even be more successful than men, as displayed throughout the movie.

With the help of Wonder Woman, I think women can be further freed from gender stereotypes. This film is a reminder to all women that they are of equal status and ability. It displays how our society and its patriarchal tendencies are actually unsubstantiated. Gender stereotypes will begin to deteriorate and lose validation. This film is an inspiration and a source of comfort to all women. It emphasizes our equal status. I’m hopeful that it will begin to eliminate the tendency to label successful women and highlight their gender when referring to their achievements.

Originally published at journal.thriveglobal.com