Nathalie Virem: As one of the youngest successful international public speakers with +45 million views on social media, how did you transition from a shy boy into “the wonder boy of self-confidence”?

David Laroche: It’s a long story but if I have to make it short, my pain made me decide to change when I was 15. I wanted to commit suicide. The choices were: destroy my life or give life a chance. I chose the latter. “What could happen if every day I change myself, if every day I try new things, speak with people, raise my hand in the classroom ?” It was incredible how my life changed by simply starting to believe that maybe one day I could be at ease with people, with my family, with women, and the people I wanted to interview. So, it all started with hope and actions every day.

Nathalie Virem: How can self-confidence increase well-being and performance?

David Laroche: When you are more self-confident, you dare to do things that are very important for you. So just that alone is amazing: being able to say “yes” when you want to say yes, say “no” when you want to say no, taking this new opportunity that you want to take. You are magnetic when you are self-confident.

Self-confidence for me is not being 100% without fear, but more about the ability to use the fear you have and everything happening as a gift and a leverage to do better: create things, be better and have an impact in the lives of others.

Nathalie Virem: With modern stress and today’s burnout epidemic, what is your take on habits that we can practice every day to improve our mental performance, our purpose or even our well-being ?

David Laroche: If we focus too much on this epidemic, it’s not inspiring to wake up in the morning. For me, just deciding what is the one thing I want to achieve and be proud of myself tonight for example, helps. If every day you wake up with that strong intention and desire to be proud of yourself at the end of today, imagine what kind of life you can live by just taking 5 minutes each day!

Knowing what you have in life, being grateful and knowing “this one thing” and taking the action to go for it, you’ll have a much more simple life and simplicity sometimes is great.

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Nathalie Virem: Based on your interviews with leading self-development influencers -such as Les Brown, Jack Canfield and John Demartini, how do you think we can collectively reclaim our inner power and move from an average life to excellent?

David Laroche: There are so many things we can do to turn our lives around, but it starts with believing it is possible. I cannot say that if you believe, you will achieve it, but for sure if you don’t, you will not. Believing is 50 percent of the equation. So, we have the choice to decide in 20 years, what do I want to say? “It was horrible” or “yeah, it was hard but it made me change, it made me great, it made me empower people, lose weight, travel or create things.” We have the choice. I made my choice.

Nathalie Virem: So we really are the filmmakers of our lives and have to choose our stories wisely.

David Laroche: Exactly, and tweak it.

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Image courtesy of David Laroche

David Laroche is a coach, trainer in self-confidence and one of the youngest successful international public speakers with +45 million views on social media.


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