It’s fascinating the kind of life lessons a person can acquire when moving onto a University campus, and coming across a very important lecture. Too often people view the realm of wander, as being lost. Nevertheless, the ability to observe certain avenues as a blessing is what allows us to enter into a realm of peace and comfort. This is especially true when it comes to the University setting and a person’s ability to find that “aha” moment, when it comes to hearing something that resonates with our very reason for being at the University level. Its one thing to study about empowerment. Its another to actually move through the different mechanisms in acquiring it. Or, shall we go deeper, when hearing it in performance. And, if it comes through someone of a greater power, then it’s well worth the listen.

I remember that day. It was sacred, precious, and Divine. What made it that more precious, was the fact that it was based on the precious nature and aura of women. For the most part, women were centered. It was an awakening, concerning how women, and the care of women, was beneficial for the empowerment of nations. Honestly, listening that lecture was one of the most auspicious treasures to ever hear. There were particular words, which spoke to me clearly. Not only were these words sacred and precious, bit they also continue to resonate with my mind, body, and Spirit to this very day.

Those sacred words came from the Saudi Royal, Princess Basmah Bint Saud Al Saud. It was October 13, 2016 at the American University In Cairo’s New Cairo Campus. Situated inside of Moataz Al alfi Hall, memories would be created from 6-8pm. Her words are just as fresh in my memory, as I could imagine. “An abused Mother creates an abused nation.” Who would have ever known that motherhood would be intertwined into the world of business?Nevertheless, this Saudi Princess managed to find a way to make it applicable to our current reality.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren Clark)

Many attendees came to learn about the wellness of business, and the inclusion of women in the Arab world. Of course, the featured headline of a Saudi Princess, and businesswoman was part of the equation, as well. People wanted to be in the comforts of royalty. After all, who could blame them? Yet, it were those words, which gave that business lecture, more of a personal touch. There were certain dynamics, relating to that manner of love and understanding. Empathy and kindness were also part of the equation. If a person came into the lecture, with a sole focus on business sense, they were going to receive a different vibe and message. Forget about the harsh rigidities of the business world. Through this Saudi royale, business was the very essence of love! For this important lecture, business was about healing, and the reclamation of a person’s humanity. It is part of a wellness for making the arena of business a more nurturing, and nutritious, atmosphere. Once our Beloved Princess Basmah introduced these sacred words, pertaining to motherhood, it was evident that the lecture would take a different turn. There were certain dynamics being introduced within this journey. For the most part, a person would have to reconnect with the natural side of business. In addition, a person would have to also immerse themselves into re-exploring their own humanity, and how it may have gotten off track, when it comes to the world of business.

The business lecture, with a focus on women in the Arab world, continued in addressing issues pertaining to the number of women in business, and notions of equality. Can women perform on the same level when it comes to finding success, in business, as men? Now, that’s a very important question. Another guest panelist mentioned the issues of equality, and giving an open opportunity in whomever can accomplish the task-man or woman. Now, should we focus on the realm of business, as it pertains to success on the job, can we really say that we have a gender issue? Is it even plausible to consider such? Some people would say no. When it comes to performing a task, or being a successful entrepreneur, gender doesn’t matter. Then, there are those persons who who will move towards the more humane side of business, and address other factors, which play a role in how a woman enters the business world. That includes Mothers. Let’s face it, there are particular tasks and responsibilities, which require a woman’s domain. In fact, when it comes to addressing such issues, we have to consider how being a wife and mother, and the very process of nation building, requires certain accommodations for women in the business arena. For example, there is the issue of maternity leave. There is also the issue of how women move and operate in the workplace. Let’s not forget that women ‘s physical makeup is different from men’s. Therefore, how does such address issues of being overworked and over stressed? Does that take a toll on a woman’s body? Some would say so. Let’s be very clear that such does not translate into weakness. That’s not the case, at all. Nevertheless, what it does convey is that strength comes in different ways. Spaces in business must simply be reconstructed in accommodating women, where they are able to adjust to the business world, using their own natural strength. Now, that is a more balanced conversation. A more gendered-balance conversation, indeed.

(Photograph By AUC Personnel; Edits By Lauren Clark)

The genius of Princess Basmah, and those precious words, is that she subconsciously, equated motherhood to the very foundation of business. What is a better example than the issue of nation building? And at the very core of building and creativity is mental wellness and health. Let’s reflect upon that for a second. If a mother suffers from a lack of self-esteem, due to years of neglect and abuse, how will she produce beautiful things? How will she create a holistic structure for her nation if she is not practicing holistic behaviors for her own well-being? After all, as women, we produce on the outside, what we are experiencing from within. Therefore, if a mother is transmitting the essence of destruction, after experiencing years of abuse, it means that her children and community will replicate that same energy. It continues into a vicious cycle, until someone addresses that moving in destruction is, abnormal! Once we come into agreement, that women operating outside of their holistic well-being is unnatural, then we are able to get to the root of the problem. Its quite clear. When healing serves as the center of any business endeavor, creativity is allowed to come into play.

Should we decide to delve further, we can come to the agreement and understanding that the very presence of Mother is the systematic example, as to how businesses and corporations should operate. The very structure of the business world should be in the form of Mother. Furthermore, the way in which Mother operates should also reveal and reflect another side to the business world. Again, it’s that new world of business, that very few people have heard of or experienced. That leads to another point. When there is the performance of business in a format of holistic wellness, women entrepreneurs do not have to replicate this vicious cycle of abuse, in business, known as the “dog-eat-dog” method. Of course, that leads to another point. When women enter into the business world, the corporate world, or any professional world, at what point, do we think we have to “behave like men,” in order to be taken seriously. Is motherhood, or traces of femininity devalued, once we enter into the professional worlds? This seems to be an unwritten rule for some; and those, who want to be established within their careers. Nevertheless, it goes back to, those sacred words! If a woman has to devalue the role of mother, or mask the traits of mother, when she enters into the corporate world, then something is truly wrong. It is truly, truly wrong. Whether we will acknowledge it or not, such a practice is a form of abuse. It abuses the very role of being a woman, and the very role of being a mother. Mother requires tenderness, gentility, and nourishment. Mother requires order, structure, and healthy dynamics of movement. If Mother is not moving through such things, then she is being abused. When Mother is abused, the nation falls apart.

The beauty of such words, by Princess Basmah Bint Saud Al Saud continues to ring in my memory of this lecture, and of meeting her. In fact, her very statement, An abused Mother produces an abused nation, was a healing anecdote for my very Spirit, on that day. For it had brought a nutritious manner of how we can connect scholarly lectures to the naturalness of our humanity. Research at the University level can accommodate our natural sensory. It has the power to be more aligned with the rest of the world, and those individuals not occupying scholarly domains. For during this moment, at this time, the academic setting transformed into a healing setting. Knowledge should be healing. In fact, it has the power to nurture and close the deepest sounds. When we bring reality with scholarships, while decorated with a human touch, we have a recipe for re-centering Mother as the focal point of restoration, and the healing of any nation.

There was so much more to discuss on that sacred night. Quite honestly, there were a number big things to be addressed. Yet, what cannot be denied are the blessings, surrounding the enchantment of those sacred words, by Princess Basmah Bint Saud Al Saud. In fact, those very words are a foreshadow, into future topics, when it comes to business ethics. One could even propose how the holistic arrangements of motherhood in the workplace connects to the wellness of men, as well. Again, at what point are men dehumanized in the business world, when being programmed to be hyper masculinized? Perhaps, if we re-centered the wellness of Mother, we would have healthier forms of masculinity, in the workplace. Just a thought.

(Photograph By AUC Personnel; Edits By Lauren Clark)

I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful, and accomplished, women on that night. It was a beautiful awakening for this other world and side of business. Seeing a more relaxed and holistic side of the corporate world, was a pleasure to see. It was another world into the beauty of business, and how motherly, it could really, BE!

(Photograph By AUC Personnel; Edits By Lauren Clark)


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