Most of them unfortunately are negative and we don’t even realize it. Words have power, we manifest into form the words we use on a regular basis. The constant loop of negative self-talk keeps us from being happy and living in joy. Taking the simple step of deleting these words from your conversation and your thoughts will bring you so much more happiness, joy, and, peace. Trust me.

1. Hate – Never use the word hate. It instantly brings your energy to anger and frustration. Delete it!

2. Can’t – If you say or think you cannot do something then you get to be right. Get rid of it.

3. Failure – When you call yourself a failure you instantly set yourself up for disappointment. You’re not a failure, you just need to approach it from a different perspective.

4. Stupid or Dumb – Take that right out of your vocabulary. When you call yourself stupid you end up believing it. When you call someone else stupid you instantly shut down the opportunity to understand them.

5. Bad – Who’s bad? You’re bad? For what, making a mistake? We all make mistakes so offer yourself more compassion.

6. Lazy – Lazy has a very negative energy to it. It makes us feel terrible about ourselves and we very often become more lazy. Say goodbye to lazy.

7. Ashamed – Shame is very interesting because what shame does is cause us to turn on ourselves. Many people who feel shame end up hating themselves, when what they really need is compassion.

8. Wrong – Please say goodbye to the word wrong. Don’t make yourself or others wrong. You just need to approach something in a different way or allow others to learn from their own mistakes.

9. Fat – Fat needs to go. Someone’s weight is none of your business and you shouldn’t be judging them. When you see yourself in the mirror or in pictures change fat to gorgeous. Keep doing that and your brain will believe you.

10. Ugly – Same as above. It isn’t kind to call someone or yourself ugly. Stop it!

11. Weird – Unfortunately, weird has a negative connotation. Some of the most interesting people in the world have been called weird.

12. Irresponsible – Thinking of yourself as irresponsible will definitely set you up to feel like a failure which you don’t want. Calling someone else irresponsible does the same thing, it’s setting them up to feel bad about themselves. Bye irresponsible.

13. Incompetent – Incompetent is an ugly word. It just means you haven’t figured out how to do it yet, keep going and you will get there.

14. Useless – Useless is the kind of word that will make you feel that you’re aren’t good enough to accomplish anything. The same applies to calling someone else useless. Get rid of useless.

15. Impossible – Nothing is impossible, if we believe it’s impossible then it will be. Everything is possible when you believe it.

16. Poverty – Please get rid of that poverty word. If you keep telling yourself you are poor or poverty stricken, poverty will show up in your reality. It will! So get rid of that immediately.

17. Ill or sick – Stop saying you’re ill, your body responds to that by manifesting illness. Say instead, today I am not feeling myself and send your body love and gratitude and it will respond.

18. Lonely – Lonely is a word that feels lonely. Just saying it makes you feel like you don’t have anyone in the world. That isn’t true, you have many people who love you. Instead say, I am enjoying my alone time. That simple re-phrase shifts the energy.

19. Desperate – If you constantly say to yourself that you are desperate for whatever it is you want to show up, what happens is you feel anxiety. Feeling anxious disturbs our peace and stresses our immune system.

20. Afraid – Now I know being afraid is the body’s way of warning us when something can hurt us. But what has happened is we use afraid to stop us from trying new and different things. We use it as an excuse to stop growing. Try changing afraid to, I am willing to take on that challenge and see what happens.

Blessings ~ Melisa