Over the past several years, luxury travel has evolved, and travelers currently seek new and exciting experiences sure to leave them thrilled. The desire to visit new, hidden places is becoming a reality with Jonny Dodge, CEO of the luxury yacht company catering to travelers looking for lavish experiences.

Born and bred in the English countryside, Dodge set his sights on entrepreneurial excellence early in life. With two companies under his belt, My Ocean Company and GPM Experiences, he has redefined modern luxury travel for those seeking unique, unforgettable adventures and experiences on their holidays. Although luxury often implies swanky hotels and 5-star food, for Dodge, the term exceeds those markers. Instead, he believes luxury is an experience, a benchmark of excellence, and a feeling his clients can enjoy when participating in his trips. 

Although Dodge has had his fair share of celebrity dinners and sports cars, he’s most engaged in curating various luxury adventure trips that are unlike anything else on the market. Although people often think of adventure as a rough and challenging sport, he’s built an empire within GPM Experiences that infuses adventure trips with the experience of luxury, extravagance, and opulence. As a result, people can enjoy luxurious and adventurous experiences that leave them entertained and excited.

As an aspiring space traveler, Dodge recently experienced a sense of weightlessness during space training. Finding this to be a magical and intoxicating experience, he seeks to share his passion for creating happiness and experiencing life’s wonders through his professional and creative pursuits. 

The luxury and glamour of GPM Experiences encapsulates experiences that provide unique and unforgettable moments. Having trekked Antarctica, Dodge has seen much of the world’s seven wonders and wants to ensure others can do the same. Although this motif of service is evident through all of his pursuits, his companies’ mission is to create happiness in luxury experiences for all clients. 

Dodge knows that modern luxury travel is increasingly becoming more of a digital experience. His company only corresponds with clients on digital formats, setting a new prototype for an exuberant, youthful company embracing technology and on the pulse of the latest developments. He’s collaborated with global companies such as Samsung and HP. Networking has been the key to his business success. Therefore, his companies are at the forefront of luxury travel and adventure experiences because of his networking efforts.

GPM Experiences are perfect for anyone seeking an entirely new type of luxury travel, whether it’s enjoying a yacht day or driving a formula one car with colleagues. These unforgettable and genuinely magical experiences are the legacy of GPM Experiences, a company that intends to create magic in people’s lives. 

With GPM Experiences, holidays look much different. Dodge believes people will grow dissatisfied with trips to European countries and start to seek out novel, unique experiences that may involve climbing volcanoes in Iceland or driving through the Sahara Desert. GPM boasts a portfolio of experiences that cater to the needs of clients with different interests. In addition, the company is perfect to use for corporate bonding days, making it possible for colleagues to build a bond with one another, whether it’s a luxury spa day in one of London’s top clinics or a sit-down dinner with a Michelin star Chef. 

Dodge has devised all GPM experiences to ensure they reach the highest marker of luxury and excellence. After all, no one wants to enjoy an average private breakfast on the Great Wall or order a personal air display to find a missing letter. As the mastermind behind all of these experiences, he uses his travels for inspiration while giving others what he has enjoyed. He knows that life is all about enjoying fun experiences and different moments. Creating lifelong memories through GPM Experiences, he has set the bar perilously high for the next generation of luxury travel entrepreneurs. 

GPM Experiences is a concept created by Dodge’s experiences of travel and luxury. The serial entrepreneur has instilled his passions for travel and novelty into his company, crafting a portfolio of vast knowledge. The company is perfect for travelers growing tired of everyday life and seeking an opulent, well-organized, and enviable adventure. Adventures with the company are remarkable, pioneering, and unconventional – a tempting invitation to begin to experience and enjoy the splendors of our world.