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Up until recently, I held this painful belief that I was alone in the world, I couldn’t depend on anyone, I had to do it all on my own. It was a very painful place to be. When you hold that type of belief, you look for evidence in the world, and you’ll find it.

The world will show you whatever you believe. Even when it’s a painful belief.

When you hold a painful belief and then you see evidence of the contrary, those two will collide. And oftentimes, we value the painful belief over the positive one, and at that point, we have to make a decision which one has to go. But, one of them HAS to go.

I choose the positive.

Morning Contemplation

My favorite time of day is the quiet of the early morning. That’s my prayer, meditation, and contemplation time. In this “spare” time that I value so much before the rest of the family is awake, I love to organize and arrange concepts and thoughts to increase my own clarity and usefulness. Recently, I was comparing my old painful beliefs to the new way I live my life, and my most cherished values came to mind.

I now live by six powerful, cherished values, which I aspire to each day.

My Internal Values

Integrity — Fully knowing and embracing my values, talents, desires, and my vision, and being those at all times whether alone or in a crowd, whether in the light or darkness.

DisciplineChoosing growth over comfort, and deciding and doing regardless of mental, emotional, or social distraction.

Temperance — All things in their perfect quantity, including food, drink, work, exercise, rest, entertainment, and business. This has been my biggest challenge in life because I tend to overdo everything.

My External Values

Service — Living a selfless life committed to utilizing my life and my gains for the benefit of humanity instead of looking to only satisfy my own needs and desires.

Justice — When deciding upon two or more options, choosing the one which will have the most powerful, positive impact on society.

L.O.V.E.Letting Others Voluntarily Evolve. Striving to accept and embrace others exactly where they are knowing they are doing the best they can, and that if they could do better they would.

The world will show you what you believe. I choose the positive.

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